EP 453 – Business, Barbecue, And Bullshit with Tim Herriage

NCS 453 | Business And Barbecue

  Successful businesses always start with interesting stories about how they emerged. Scott talks to long-time friend and real estate investor, Tim Herriage, about how he quit the Marine Corps and made his way through real estate. Tim shares his struggles in the industry and how he survived a roller coaster of emotions when shutting down his own business. He also gets into real estate, his favorite barbecue in Texas, and evolving as an entrepreneur. … Read More

EP 403 – Invest This with Scott Bower

NCS 403 | InvestThis

  Scott interviews Scott Bower from the #INVESTTHIS Podcast and discusses his transition and growth as an investor and some of the obstacles that he has overcome along the way. Scott is closing over $20 million in transactions and does an amazing job not only as an investor of investors but also as a show host for his podcast. — Listen to the podcast here: Invest This with Scott Bower We’ve got another Scott on … Read More

EP 364 – Crowdfunding Mistakes with Jillian Sidoti

NCS 364 | Crowdfunding Mistakes

  Back in 2012, the JOBS Act was passed. What we have seen happen is that more people are now advertising for investors because there’s a couple of different rules that allow you to advertise for investors. One of those rules is 506c which allows you to raise money from accredited investors only. You can do general solicitation, but you have to verify that those investors that are coming in your deals are indeed accredited. … Read More

Ep 150 – Welcome to the Note Closers Show Podcast

NCS 150 | Note Closers

On this episode, Scott outlines what the focus and the direction of the Note Closers Show podcast is, along with introducing the people behind the scenes. He also gives thanks to those who have helped to mentor, mold and support him along the way to where he is at today. Special thanks goes out to Stephanie Goodman Johnson, Greg Reid, George Antone, Aaron Young, Joel Markovitz, Kimberly Banks Fawcett, Karen Hand Peterson, Chase Thompson, Jay … Read More