EP 308 – Syndications with Joel Block

NCS 308 | Syndications

  Master your craft and master the money. Bringing the money to the deal is where the magic is. You’ve got to master both of those to understand and identify opportunities in the market, not only for yourself but also to understand what your investors are looking forward. However, most people don’t understand how to raise capital to buy real estate. Joel Block from Bullseye Capital, LLC says that’s what they teach people. They’ve put … Read More

EP 274 – Nonprime Mortgage Lending’s Impact On Real Estate And Note Markets

NCS 274 | Nonprime Mortgage Lending

Let’s face it: no matter how it’s phrased, nonprime is still subprime. With the recent appearance of nonprime mortgage lending, it is important to examine what it means to the real estate market and note markets. The subprime mortgage lending industry suddenly vanished after the Great Recession, but is now getting reinvented – get this, with a really original new name for it: nonprime. Right now, a couple of big firms are offering mortgages with … Read More