EP 667 – Why Investing In Mobile Home Parks Are Profitable With Steve Wahl

NCS 667 | Mobile Home Park

  While mobile home parks often get a bad reputation, the truth is, they can be very profitable real estate investments. Although there are many challenges, with the right mindset and dedication, a mobile home park can be a prime source of cash flow. In this episode, Scott Carson sits down to talk with the co-founder, Investor Relations at Titan Impact Group LLC, and a mobile home park investor, Steve Wahl. Steve discusses how he … Read More

EP NNA 85 – Understanding The 3-Step Strategy When Investing In Wholesale Notes With Scott Carson

NNA 85 | Wholesale Notes

  What do you need to know about note investing for 2021? Scott Carson shares his insights and some very important things everyone needs to know about wholesaling notes in the current market. He highlights the importance of following his three-step approach which he believes is the key to a successful investment. Scott says that while having a network and a list of deals should be prioritized, protecting your relationships with sellers and buyers is … Read More

EP 646 – The Proposed Biden Tax Changes For Real Estate Investors: How To Take It Head On With Brett Swarts

NCS 646 | Proposed Biden Tax Changes

  A new administration means having to face big changes that are bound to happen in the real estate industry. In this episode, Scott Carson talks with Brett Swarts from the Capital Gains Tax Solutions to talk about the proposed tax plan and changes that Joe Biden is looking to implement. They also discuss the potential death of the 1031 exchange, long-term capital gains, and other potential changes that will affect real estate investors. Preparing for these, Scott and … Read More

EP 644 – What You Need To Know About Wholesaling And Investing In A New Real Estate Market With Sharon And Juan Restrepo

NCS 644 Sharon Restrepo | Wholesaling And Investing

  Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of wholesaling and investing has been taking place in South Florida, and it hasn’t slowed down. Scott Carson’s guests are Sharon Restrepo and Juan Restrepo from West Palm Beach. Sharon and Juan discuss how they’ve built a buyers and sellers list to help them find deals in their local markets. Join in the conversation and discover how Sharon and Juan are expanding to invest in an outside market. Leveraging time and establishing relationships with other … Read More

EP 645 – Top 3 Things To Consider In Picking An Emerging Real Estate Market With Nicholas Gerli

NCS 645 | Emerging Real Estate Market

  Everyone likes to think of their own city as the best place to invest, but there must be objectively better markets out there when you take a closer look at existing data. Scott Carson sits down with the CEO of Reventure Consulting Group, Nicholas Gerli, to talk about the top three factors that he looks into in choosing emerging markets for his real estate investing clients to target. He also shares information about his … Read More

EP 633 – Mike Miedler On The 121% Rule For Success

NCS 633 | Rules For Success

  Real estate can be a challenging industry to explore and understand at first, but once you have a good grasp of it, it can be the most rewarding. In this episode of the Note Closers Show, Scott Carson talks with the President and CEO of Century 21 Realty, Mike Miedler. Mike shares his rules for success and why his 121% rule is key to finding success in today’s market. He also explains how Century … Read More

EP 629 – Scaling Your Business From Boss-Dependent To Independence With America’s Business Alchemist Bill Prater

NCS 629 | Scaling Your Business

  Many entrepreneurs get stuck with the question, “What do I need to do next?” Most especially in this uncertain environment of COVID-19, it has become harder and harder to foresee the next steps to growth. Good thing that in this episode, Scott Carson interviews someone who is known as America’s Business Alchemist, Bill Prater. A business coach and consultant, Bill talks about the biggest things holding back growth with business owners and why replacing yourself … Read More

EP 612 – Providing A Nationwide Full Service Title And Virtual Closing Concierge With Michele Chochrek-Ransons

NCS 612 | Virtual Closing Concierge

  With the COVID-19 pandemic pushing us inside our homes, going virtual has become the way to-go to continue working. Still, many are hesitant to take this route, not being familiar with it all. Taking away your worries and concerns, Scott Carson talks to Michele Chochrek-Ransons from Vantage Point Title, Inc. about their nationwide service of title and closings to investors all across the country. Michele shares with us the work they have been doing, … Read More

EP 540 – Ten Ways To Find Notes In 2020

NCS 540 | Sources For Notes

  A lot has changed in the note business over the past decade. In this episode, Scott Carson gives a bit of an overview of the how the note business thrived in the past few years. He goes on to explain what has changed in recent times. Scott also lists down ten sources for a note business in time for the upcoming year. If you are new to the note business and have no idea … Read More

EP 534 – Launch Your Business To New Heights With Jen Du Plessis

NCS 534 | Launching Your Business

  You may not realize this but you can actually launch your business by using what is already present in your own market. Today, Scott Carson talks with mortgage expert and real estate investor Jen Du Plessis about some of the creative ways that investors and mortgage experts can capitalize on the markets for their own pockets. Jen is the Founder of Kinetic Spark Consulting, Black Fox Investments and Valor Home Solutions. Tune in to … Read More

EP 513 – The Top 50 Markets Turning Ugly (Part 1, 50-26)

NCS 513 | 50 Markets Turning Ugly

  Property prices can be so unpredictable, even in areas that are considered great. This is why when searching for the right deal, you have to look at listings and be regularly updated about prices. In this episode, Scott Carson breaks down the bottom half of the top 50 markets that are starting to turn ugly based on days on the market, price drops, foreclosure ratios and homeowners that are underwater. He presents number 50th … Read More

EP 510 – Ten Tools To Help You Dominate

NCS 510 | Marketing Tools

  Winning in the real estate market means being able to reach the people you ought to close deals with and educate others about being better in the industry. Scott Carson is definitely winning it using the top ten marketing tools that have helped him dominate in the industry. Scott talks about these inexpensive tools that bring quality and great benefits. By allowing most of these apps or tools to work together, you can save … Read More