EP 578 – The 8 C’s Of Conversion With Krista Mashore


  Want to gain marketing tips as well as clarity and direction on how to showcase your business? On today’s show, Scott Carson sits down with realtor and productivity coach Krista Mashore to discuss the 8 C’s of conversion and how everyone has the ability to connect and convert on a higher level by utilizing social media and video to create content that is direct and purposeful towards your ideal client. Krista is the author … Read More

EP 525 – Growing Your Business Via Handshakes With Aaron Young

NCS 525 | Growing Your Business

  Brand message is always critical to any product or service, thereby, delivering it the right way is necessary for optimal business growth. Today, Scott Carson talks to Aaron Young, The Unshackled Owner podcast host and the big head honcho at Laughlin Associates. Aaron explains how personal relations and connections matter when building a business. From the simplest of handshakes to one-on-one interviews, he shows us how building relationships brings the biggest impact to your … Read More

EP 435 – Entrepreneurial & Funnel Hacking with Niajae Wallace

NCS 435 | Funnel Hacking

  Having a website is vital for entrepreneurs to showcase their business. However, if you want to build sales, a website is not going to do it by itself. You have to lead them into a path where they eventually purchase from you. This is called your sales funnel. Niajae Wallace, a funnel hacking expert and an entrepreneurial rockstar, talks about her passion for helping entrepreneurs find their voice and funnels. She dives into what a … Read More