EP 582 – QuickBooks: Getting Your Bookkeeping And Accounting In Order With Emma Dawn

NCS 582 | QuickBooks

  Bookkeeping and accounting your business and even personal expenses can be challenging tasks, especially when you are not adept with the process. With the help of bookkeepers and accountants, you can ease your burden, file your taxes ahead of time, and move on with your business. Here to talk with Scott Carson about getting financial matters in order is bookkeeper and podcaster, Emma Dawn. Emma is a licensed financial professional and is the woman … Read More

EP 581 – Pandemic Investing: How To Invest Wisely In Real Estate During This Crisis With Jason Hartman

NCS 581 | Pandemic Investing

  There is a lot of anxiety in the market right now, especially when it comes to putting your cash in the right box. Pandemic investing is a necessary skill that entrepreneurs and real estate investors need to prioritize today. In this episode, Scott Carson talks with real estate investor Jason Hartman about the future of their industry, highlighting the repercussions of the coronavirus. Jason is the Founder of Platinum Properties Investor Network and the host of the Creating Wealth … Read More

EP 580 – Gamifying Your Credit Card Points With Jack Krupey

NCS 580 | Credit Card Points

  Believe it or not, you can travel the world at super discounted airline ticket rates using your credit card points. With an Amex or Citi card in your wallet, you can start your quest for increasing points and enjoying freebies thereafter. Today, Scott Carson talks with his long-time friend and note investor, Jack Krupey. Jack is a Principal at JK Asset Management and the Founder of Gemini Capital Managers. He talks about how he … Read More

EP NNA 57 – The Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Be At The Magnify Your Wealth Summit With Aaron Young

NNA 57 | Magnify Your Wealth Summit

  Building a strong knowledge base can help you grow your business better and faster. One of the best ways to achieve the necessary skills to do so is by learning from key people. In this episode, Scott Carson talks with Aaron Young, the CEO of Laughlin Associates, about the Magnify Your Wealth Summit, a conference for highly motivated business owners passionate about increasing wealth. Aaron outlines the top ten reasons why you should attend the event, starting … Read More

EP 579 – The Dallas Real Estate Investment Market With Jer’Leigh Thompson

NCS 579 | Dallas Real Estate Market

  If you are interested in the Dallas market, it pays to talk to the right person, someone who knows the market in and out. Today, Scott Carson talks with Dallas-Fort Worth area real estate investor and realtor, and owner of Texcel Real Estate, Jer’Leigh Thompson, about the current state of the Dallas real estate market and what’s working for investors. Everybody can make money in an upmarket, but Jer’Leigh has been around since the … Read More

EP 578 – The 8 C’s Of Conversion With Krista Mashore


  Want to gain marketing tips as well as clarity and direction on how to showcase your business? On today’s show, Scott Carson sits down with realtor and productivity coach Krista Mashore to discuss the 8 C’s of conversion and how everyone has the ability to connect and convert on a higher level by utilizing social media and video to create content that is direct and purposeful towards your ideal client. Krista is the author … Read More

EP 577 – The Real Estate 411 Expo: Bridging The Real Estate Community With Linda Pliagas

NCS 577 | Realty411 Expo

  Because the real estate industry is so people-oriented, establishing relationships with others in the same community is as much a part of the job as any other part. The Realty411 Expo was founded on this same principle – for bridging people as well as any knowledge gaps about specific skillsets or subject matters that are best imparted by experts. Scott Carson chats with Linda Pliagas, the Founder of Realty411 Magazine, who hosts the Realty411 … Read More

EP 575 – Creating Joint Venture Opportunities For Your Business With Jay Fiset

NCS 575 | Joint Venture Opportunities

  The ability and opportunity to enter joint venture opportunities is a surefire sign that your business is steadily on the climb, but you may not realize how much homework goes into making these opportunities into something concrete. Partnerships will not always flow so easily, so you need to make sure you’re equipped to handle everything that’s coming your way. Scott Carson speaks with Jay Fiset from Mastermind to Millions and JVology.com. Together, they discuss … Read More

EP 574 -The Phoenix Real Estate Investment Market With Cash Now Homes

NCS 574 | Phoenix Real Estate

  Phoenix real estate never runs out of properties up for grabs. In getting the best deals, talking to the right people can bring you the real deal. Today, Scott talks with Mark Andersen, George Aplicano, and Alberto Ceja from Cash Now Homes and the Money Making Money Podcast to talk about the real estate investment market in Phoenix, Arizona. They discuss market trends, timing, foreclosures, price points, and what’s working for this team. They … Read More

EP 573 -Virtual Summits: Expanding Your Message Reach With Dr. Mark T. Wade

NCS 573 | Expanding Your Reach

    An integral part of being able to push forward a product or a message is expanding your reach to include more people on more platforms. There are, now than ever, more platforms out there that give you even more opportunities to expand your audience in different ways. Today, Scott Carson speaks with Dr. Mark T. Wade of VirtualSummit.com. Dr. Wade shares his experience and expertise in the online summit field about why it’s … Read More

EP 572 -Creating A Culture Of Accountability With Mike “C-Roc” Ciorrocco

NCS 572 | Culture Of Accountability

  Nowadays, there are times when people would be able to get away from the consequences of the things they did because we don’t hold them to a high enough standard to make sure they understand the gravity of what they’ve done. However, creating a culture of accountability is not only for the people around you, but also for yourself – you hold yourself responsible for your mindset, and thus, your success. Mike “C-Roc” Ciorrocco … Read More