EP 451 – Attract & Wow with Darin Adams

NCS 451 | Attracting Clients

NCS 451 | Attracting Clients


Every entrepreneur’s primary goal is to grow their business. This will only be possible if you can own and attract more clients as much as you aim for. Scott talks with Darin Adams from Infusionsoft about how entrepreneurs and marketers can attract, sell, and wow their current and future clients by using their software. Darin reveals why building a database is the most critical step for your marketing campaign’s success. Sharing the transition of Infusionsoft to its new brand, Keap, Darin goes into detail how it is the perfect tool for note investors in finding deals. On top of that, find out what lead magnets are and which ones will work wonders for you.

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Attract & Wow with Darin Adams

As always I’m excited to be with you. I’m jacked up to have my friend, Darin Adams, joining us all the way from Salt Lake City.

Yeah, that’s where I am.

I’ve known Darin for a while. He’s an amazing guy. You may recognize him if you’re out in the Salt Lake area. He is a previous TV host out that neck of the woods. Darin is an amazing business development individual for one of the programs we use on a daily basis to help us in our note business, in helping us in marketing, helping us raise capital and in helping us move assets out there. It’s helped us wow our clients. It’s Infusionsoft. Does that go by another name now, Darin?

The company switched names and is now known as Keap. Infusionsoft is a big and robust, heavy-lifting tool. It can do amazing things. It can do all stuff but sometimes people don’t need all of that heavy-lifting and they said, “Let’s go through and find out the things that most people use the most to help build their business and automate and grow.” They went through and they picked out their best things like the Landing Page Builder, the Campaign Builder, the CRM and these different things and they repackaged them together in a prettier and easier-to-use interface. That is an amazing product and they said, “We have to come up with a name for this. We’re going to call this Keap. It helps you keep organized, keep all your contacts, keep moving, keep growing and keep serving, this whole dedication to being an entrepreneur. This is the product that’s going to be able to help millions of people, more people than we’ll be able to be helped by Infusionsoft. We should call our company Keap because it matches this new, simpler and easy-to-use product.” The company is called Keap. The simple product is called Keap but the product that you use Scott and other people use is still called Infusionsoft and it is Infusionsoft by Keap.

You run around and fly across the country. You are a big ambassador for entrepreneurs out there. We originally met at a Magnify Your Wealth a few years ago with Aaron Young. It’s different for both of us. He’s on here on a regular basis and Laughlin Associates is a sponsor of the podcast. Our audience out there is made up of a ton of real estate entrepreneurs, people looking to get started. Our radio shows are across sixteen different channels across the country with about a million listeners each month. There are a lot of people that struggle, a lot of entrepreneurs that struggle when they get rocking and rolling in their business and you deal with that on a daily basis from talking to people.

I love what entrepreneurs do. It is such a struggle and a challenge. Any of us know what that’s like. We have this calling, we know we can do something and we know we can be successful. We want to make more money, have more free time, do whatever it is and then you get in and it can be a lonely road. Oftentimes, if you’re a solopreneur, you’re all there by yourself or you don’t know where to go and there’s no one to turn to do that. We at Infusionsoft, part of our goal are to help entrepreneurs and help small businesses succeed. What we try to do is take some of those tasks off the plate of the person. We allow you to do it through automation, setting them up once so they run and it allows you to have more free time, a little more breathing room and be able to do the stuff that only you can do if we can do some of that through automation. I love going and talking to people and they’re like, “I love this because it allows me to fill in the blank. I love this because it’s given me such success in whatever this is.” I love hearing those stories and seeing how entrepreneurs are doing better because of some of the help that we can offer.

One of the things I like to attest to entrepreneurs as an analogy is that everybody’s got the best pizza recipe. “I know I’m going to do this. I’m going to open a shop but I’m going to sit there and wait for customers to find me.” That’s not an effective way of doing business any more these days. You’ve got to reach out, you’ve got to market to clients. You’ve got to attract, wow and sell are the three words you like to use a lot of time. Do you want to talk a little about that and some of the things?

I would love to because of the pizza thing, I did that when I was starting out. I wanted to be a speaker and I thought all I need to do was have a good website, a video or something like that and put the word out and everybody will come flocking. We all think that, “I’m going to start making some notes. I’m going to start making some real estate investment. I’m going to do X, Y and Z,” and the mere fact that I say I’m going to do it is going to have all these people come to me and then it doesn’t work. We get frustrated and then we give up a year later like, “What happened?” “It didn’t work.” The future of how we do business is, as an entrepreneur, owning a database, owning some people that you’re going to market to. You attract them to you. You draw these people who you want to do business with, people who want to do business with you and you have them in a database. Often, I meet people like, “What’s your database like?” “I’ve got some names here,” and it’s this haphazard thing. The most important thing for anyone, the most foundational thing is building a database with names, emails, contact information and then even better having that list segmented.

If you’re doing real estate investing, there are people who might want to partner with you. Here are people who are looking I might want to buy their home. Here are some people who might want to buy homes from me. Here are these people who are bank people, whatever it is. You have all these people in different lists and segments. You have them tagged differently. You say, “I want to send some information to everybody who might ever want to sell me a home. I have some contact information for them. I’m going to nurture them along and I’m going to teach them how to get their home ready for me to buy.” You’ve got that, you have that segment, you communicate with those people, and you have that all. This is what the automation is all about. You have that automated, you’re not manually every day sitting typing out these email and that’s when your burnout. Number one step is building a database and getting people into that database that you know who those people are and what they’re doing. That would be the first step, wouldn’t you agree?

That’s the most critical step. You could have the best website but just because you build it doesn’t mean they will come. If you build it, they won’t come. You’ve got to reach out to them. The best thing is people go out and network. They go to their local real estate clubs. They’re grabbing business cards or they go to a conference and they grab business cards. What do most people do with that list? They put the business cards on their dresser to make sure that 2×3-inch spot doesn’t get any dust on it. That’s about all that they do or they put it in a shoebox of business cards and that’s about it.

What’s the lifetime of an average email? A few months in some different cases because people are changing. They add a new domain or they get a little bit more serious about it. If you’re not marketing to these people, you’ll lose out on that connection, the momentum that you built from reaching out, having coffee and meeting them at an event. One of the best things I did early on was every time I’d come home from a meetup group or a networking event and I have business cards, I would take the time to put them in a spreadsheet. This is old school. This was 2002, 2003. I sent an individual email to everybody before I went to bed at night. That’s not a fun thing to do.

You feel like you’re productive, “I’ve got his business card. I get to spend three hours sending out emails.” Do you use the Infusionsoft app to take pictures of your business cards? This is the greatest thing in the world. You go to an event and you do collect business cards, or you can get them for a second. You pull up your phone, there’s a little app there for Infusionsoft or Keap, and you open that. You take out the business card and you take a picture of the business card. That photo goes to a real person who types in all of Bob Murphy, Bob Murphy’s name, email, phone number and address and it comes back to you.

The whole reason that you got the business card was not that you wanted to have another person in your database but because you wanted to make the connection. You want to do exactly what you’re saying, Scott. You can send the email out that night. This is the beauty that you have a campaign built ahead of time like a series of emails saying, “Good to meet you, Bob. Let’s connect some time again or check out my website.” The information from that business card comes back to you that someone’s typed in, you put a tag on them and the first email instantly goes out. This is you not sitting down for three hours at night typing out manual emails. This is all of them gets a personalized email. You get 100 business cards at an event, you take a picture, and you tag them and instantly 100 people all get emails instantly and the connection has been made. You’re building this database not for the purpose of building the database, but following up which is the next step and that’s it. You can do that as simple with automation, taking pictures of their business card or however you’re getting those email addresses, but have the automation ready to go so you do the follow-up.

Every time I come up with a new struggle, that’s the biggest struggle for entrepreneurs. I do think that follow up is one of the biggest struggles for entrepreneurs. We have good intentions of doing it but we then get distracted and don’t do it. A few months later, we’re looking at these business cards and thinking, “I never got back to any of those people and it was a wasted opportunity.” The value of those baseball cards pales in comparison to the value of the business cards if you make the connection and if you do something with them, but the problem is we don’t follow up on that.

A lot of people don’t realize, especially entrepreneurs, they come from different fields. They come from different backgrounds and different jobs. We see many different people coming from different avenues. They’re not taught that follow-up aspect because nobody teaches the fact that 80% of sales are made after the fifth contact and that’s what I tell people. We had some investors go into our Fast Track Training and I’m like, “Set the expectations that it’s going to take you at least five or six emails or contacts with your database to get them to start interacting with you, to reach out to you to say, ‘I want to race. I’ve got some money to invest with you. I may have deals available for you.’” Whether you’re marketing out to managers, banks or your database contacts, set those expectations.

If you don’t have to write 1,000 emails for your 1,000 contacts six to seven times, you write five, six or seven emails at once and set that up. When you do plug them and tag them in your system in Infusionsoft, that campaign automatically goes out. It goes out the day that you meet them which wows them when they get back to their hotel room or they’re sitting there looking at their phone during a break like, “I met Darin 30 minutes ago. He already sent me an email. I want to do business with that guy.” Let’s say you are a beard wax salesman and you have never been talking. You get their business card, you scan them and send them out there. Maybe you’ve got a coupon, “It was great meeting you. I see that you have a beard. I got a beard. We’re at the beard convention. Here’s a coupon for our product. Can I send you a free sample?” One of the things I love doing that I know you are a big fan of is sending a photo that says their name on the sign.

NCS 451 | Attracting Clients

Attracting Clients: The value of those baseball cards pales in comparison to the value of the business cards if you make the connection and do something with them.


This is an interactive thing that people who are reading can do this. You’re going to need your phone for this. In this case, I would tell you I have a free gift for you. We’re simply talking about growing a database list. I’ve got an eBook on growing an email database. Play along with this because this is what Scott was saying in the photo that you’re going to get. You’re going to get a photo that is going to be the coolest thing in the world. You then tell someone, “I want you to send me a text,” and in this case, the text number is (480) 428-4150. For this case, since we’re trying to build momentum, text me the word MOMENTUM.

“I got a text message from me,” smart move to request such a valuable resource. What email address can I send this to?

I want you to imagine because this is texting, this isn’t even email. Some people say, “I don’t know if that many people would send emails,” then send a text. I tell somebody to say, “Send me a text,” and they send this text and instantly like you saw how instant it was. If you’re doing this at home or wherever you are, you’re experiencing how fast this is, instantly. I realized that I don’t know how long that MOMENTUM word is going to be good. I’ll make some changes to hopefully that’ll be good for a while. If you’re reading this, do it as soon as you can. The first text goes out and it says, “What’s your email address?” That’s the first one asked. Have you already gotten the second one back?

It says, “Excellent. Thanks. You’ve got a name I assume, what is it? Example, Darin Adams.” I typed in Scott Carson.

A good thing you figured that out because I want a name. I had to give you an example there. I need your name so that I can address you when I’m sending an email to you or a text to you. I had to get the email first then I’m sending you eBooks, it seems natural. You’ve got an eBook. I ask for your name so that I can call you by name to be able to make it seem personal. We talked about segmenting the list and tagging the list. I asked one more quest to show how powerful it is inside of Infusionsoft the things you can do. Simply by asking a question in the text, I can start segmenting the list. Did you get the third text already?

Yes, it says, “Thanks, Scott. That’s all I need. Check your Scott@WeCloseNotes.com email address.”

Was there one before that?

Yes, “Finally, the last question before I send the eBook. Do you own an Infusionsoft application? Reply yes or no.”

Yes if you do, then I’m going to tag them over here. If they say no, I’m going to tag them over here. I’m going to send these people different resources than these people. If you say, “What are you most likely doing? Selling a house or buying a house?” You can tag these as sellers and these are buyers. “Would you like to partner with me? Would you like to whatever? Would you live in this state or do you live in this state? Are you looking at doing homes in Ohio or Pennsylvania?” You can ask these questions in a text and your list is segmented. All these people that are coming to the database and you know information about them so that you’re not shooting blind and saying, “This is Bob checking in again.” No, “This is Bob. I’ve got a list of these three homes in Ohio that you have got to know about and you’ve got to do something with me right now,” or, “I’ve got these three properties in Pennsylvania. Let’s partner,” whatever it might be. You’re able to segment this whole list.

On this little campaign, I have a little delayed timer that’s going to go off. In about a minute or two, you’re hopefully going to get a personalized photo. You can personalize the photo. Imagine me standing in front of the house with a sign that says, “This could be our next project, Dave.” I’ll send that email of the photo to Dave or, “This could be our next project, Mary.” You can personalize that sign with technology. It goes into the database. It finds the person’s name. It makes it look like a handwritten sign with their name on it. However, you’re reaching out and whatever you’re doing, for sale sign, another sign, “Look at our profits moving up, Mary.” You can do all sorts of stuff. That’s a company that we use called PicSnippets. That’s a great tool to personalize photos. The texting integration that we’re doing is using a program called FixYourFunnel because lots of companies do stuff like that too. It allows you not just to do email marketing but communicate with people any way that it’s going to be effective for you and for them to make that happen.

Many people don’t realize, especially on the entrepreneurial side, we get bogged down in our nuts and bolts, buy notes and selling notes. We don’t realize that if we add some technology, we had some marketing to what we’re doing, we step above the competition. How many times have you been to an event and it’s like cows moving along going from one thing to an event? I’ve always realized that I’m here in Austin, Texas. This is not the best audience, not the best market for me as a note investor. I had to be in other areas. Most of the deals I’ve already seen in other areas. I’ve got these three ideal properties in Ohio since you told me that one of the questions you could ask, “What are your top three states that you’re buying deals at?” As you get listings from banks, listings from asset managers or listings from other investors, you can segment your list and go in. Who’s buying in Ohio? Let’s send an email out fast with a text message, “I’ve got some deals in your backyard. Click on this link to get them sent to you,” or the profiles or the landing pages.

Especially note investing and in the whole real estate investing space, we tend to think that we get in there and we think of it so much as it’s personal one-on-one and it’s FaceTime. That is certainly valuable. It can never be underestimated. Someone was telling me, we were talking about you Scott and they said, “Scott is great at note investing and real estate investing, but what he is masterful at is he’s a master marketer and he does that in that space of note investing.” It flips things around. Many people get into the thinking, “I want to be a note investor and then I hope I can learn how to market or maybe I’ll learn how to market or marketing is a backseat,” but you are the classic example. The prime shining star of you is a brilliant marketer and you happen to use that in this space.

I’ve been a big believer that everybody runs a marketing company. For years going through business school, one of the things that were drilled into my head from my professors is if a company is struggling, the kiss of death is that they go back and start slicing their budget. It’s usually their marketing budget, when they should increase their budget to drive more clients, to drive more engagement, to drive more people reaching out to them. That’s the thing that stuck to me. I always got to be marketing. Let’s find something whether it’s an email blast out to our audience or those specific niches. That’s what I love about Infusionsoft or Keap is that there are many great tools to make it effective for you in marketing to your database. Marketing and whatever it is whether it’s Tiddlywinks or Magnify Your Wealth with Aaron Young or CreditSense with Merrill Chandler or George Antone using finance companies and things like that. There are many different ways to market what you have and what you’re doing. Marketing works across the board. Marketing skills are applicable whether you are selling pizzas or distressed debt.

Everybody runs a marketing company. The problem is some people don’t realize they were running it or some people are running it horribly. Whether you like it or not, you’re running a marketing company whether you’re doing anything or not to it. Let’s make sure you’re doing something. Let’s make sure as you’re running it, run it the right way and run it with the right tools and get some good response.

That’s the biggest thing you’re not going to be an expert overnight. You have to #EmbraceTheSuck. In all clarity, I bought Infusionsoft years ago and I donated to Infusionsoft for a couple of years because it had a lot of great tools that I didn’t spend the time on. I was piece mailing all these other little apps together and other little things and I said, “If I take some time here and spend some time to dive into it, I was able to eliminate many other things and save money by bringing it all in-house under the Infusionsoft umbrella and it saved me money.” It made it easier. It made a whole lot affordable but it also saved a lot of my time. That’s what marketing is all about too. It’s all about managing your time and that’s what’s great about marketing. You can spend a little time on the front end, put some stuff together and it’s going to save you exponential time on the backend.

If I had a dollar for every person who told me, “I need that, but I don’t have the time to implement it . I don’t have time to do that.” Are you going to get more time later? No, as you do, you’ve got to find some time, put in, learn how to market. Learn how to set things up, learn how to do some of this follow-up and it will pay off in spades down the road. The sooner you do it, the sooner things will be better for you. Get it going, get it automated and all that stuff.

NCS 451 | Attracting Clients

Attracting Clients: Everybody runs a marketing company. The problem is some people don’t realize they were running it or some people are just running them absolutely horribly.


We talked a little about emails. Let’s talk about some of the text messages. When we talk about some of the other things Infusionsoft is doing that many entrepreneurs are using out there, do you have anything you want to share with people?

I want to talk about landing pages. For many years, you wouldn’t need to go to an outside source to use landing pages. You can build that inside of Infusionsoft. A landing page, in case people aren’t aware, is a one-page website with often a single call to action. You can go inside of Infusionsoft and there are templates that you use. You get this template. You put your logo on there, your font on there and your color on there. Say, for example, you get a list-in and you’ve got three homes in Ohio that you want to see who’s interested in that. You throw on three pictures of those Ohio homes and you have what looks like a website devoted to those three Ohio homes. You send that link out to everyone in your database who’s interested in buying homes in Ohio, investing in homes, buying notes, anything to do with Ohio you send that out.

You say, “I got this from Ohio. Click on the link.” They click on the link and it takes them to this landing page which looks like a website with these beautiful photos and it looks slick, it looks professional and they’re like, “He knows what he’s doing here. This looks fantastic.” All the photos are there and everything. “If you’re interested in doing something on any of these, let’s take a move quickly and whatever it might be.” All that, you send an email out to all these different people and people are clicking on stuff. People are coming and you did it simply through a landing page. The beauty is that the landing page is built inside of Infusionsoft. If you picture it like a corral and you want to get all those people into the corral since we’re talking cows, farms and all that stuff.

If you can get them in there and you know what they’re doing, you don’t want to send them somewhere else and say, “Go over to this website or go over here,” and they might not ever come back to the corral. You can build that fence, keep the pigs and the cows in there and then you say, “Go here, click on this,” and they’re clicking on the landing page. You inside of Infusionsoft can say, “Look at all the people that clicked on this link. Look how much time they spent? Look at what they were interested. These are the people.” They did that because I tagged them. They clicked on my landing page. Let me send a follow-up to them and say, “I saw you checked out those homes in Ohio. What are your thoughts? Let’s do something. Give me a call. Here’s my calendar link. Click on here and book some time. We can get on the phone and see what we can do.” This is all through the automation and we started up with a simple landing page that you built in 20 to 30 minutes dragging, dropping some photos, throwing your logo name on there or something. Instantly, you have some stuff. That’s one little microcosm of something that you could do. Build landing page, follow-up with the people that click on that, know what they’re doing and you have the follow-up built into that whole thing. That’s the beauty of landing pages and keeping people inside that corral.

That might sound complicated if you’ve never done that. It’s not that complicated. It’s simple to put together and the beauty is you have amazing customer service when it comes to holding people’s hands. That’s what many people get scared of out there. Entrepreneurs get busy building bridges that never get finished. The unfinished bridge analogy, start on their database or start on a landing page but they won’t pay for this stuff. They start on their LinkedIn profile but they won’t finish. If you can finish one of these bridges, it’s going to repeat business for you over and over again to get things rocking and rolling. You’ve got an amazing team there to help you walk you through it to hold your hand and answer questions. I know Steph is on the phone with them on a regular basis with a variety of different things. I’m on the phone with them, “How do I do this again? That’s solved. That’s fixed,” and we go from there.

We have a whole team of people who do nothing but help customer service. Regardless of your question, there is no question too ridiculous or too stupid. We get every question like, “How do I log in?” We get that even. They’re understandable and I hear stories all the time of amazing things these people do. “Let me make a little video for you,” and they create a little video walking people through it or they’ll jump in on somebody’s computer on their laptop, take control and show them how to build stuff. Although it is a new technology and there was a learning curve to that, we want to provide people with all the resources that we can to help them. As much as we were happy to have Scott donate for two years before he ever did anything, we don’t want that. We want everyone to be a power user. We want people to be like Scott doing amazing things and using all the tools. We want to get you to that point. We want to provide all the resources to help you to get to that point.

One of the things that we see a lot in our industry, people are always like, “I can’t find deals. I can’t find any note deals out there. The markets are tougher,” and I chuckle. One of the things that we teach unlike a lot of the other educators in our space is that we teach people that there are lists with thousands of bankers and thousands of other asset managers out there that you can download for free if you work the list. I’m not a big advocate of taking a list and spam it but taking a little bit of the list each time, reaching out, adding some stuff. That’s one of the great things we do is I’ve built a list from dialing for dollars and networking with people online, taking that list and uploading it. What I’ll do is I’ll go in, write an email with my branding, We Close Notes, the green on the side. I’ll write twelve months of emails. I’ll preschedule them to go out to people.

I can see who opened the email. I can see who clicked on my LinkedIn picture or who clicked on a video of the assets. One of the things that we do, we have our Mastermind. At the bottom of the email, I put pictures of three different mastermind groups I’ve got together. I can see if they clicked on that, which leads to them getting another email a couple of days later. “I saw that you clicked on that profile. Let’s schedule a call to talk for fifteen to twenty minutes about what you might have on your books that you’re looking to get rid of.” We continuously get lists sent like that automatically without having to dial 100 phone calls a day or 50 phone calls a day or it’s sitting around and lying, “There are no deals out there.”

That’s the small-minded mentality. When someone only can see this, they only know what they know thing. There is a whole world out there whereas if you could get that list, which you can. If you could download some of those lists, reach out to those people and you’re like, “That seems like it’s a lot of work.” It is a lot of work if you’re typing every one of the emails but do exactly that. You build the series of campaigns regardless of what you’re doing and this is all relationships. Any entrepreneurial tool is relationships, maybe more with what I’m thinking. If you build those relationships, when someone has a property, they have a note, they have something, then they feel comfortable coming to you and know that they’ve done visibly. They’re like, “I got an email from them. I know I can reach out. They’re still active and doing stuff,” and this is what you do.

You build those emails, you sit down once, and you type out twelve emails, 24 emails or however many you’re going to type out and generic issue stuff to stay in touch with people. You put that into a sequence and it kicks off. They get email one, a couple of weeks later they get the next email, a couple of weeks later they get the next email. Now you can see, “They opened this one and maybe they don’t open anything and that’s fine. Most people might not engage with you. The ones who do, you get them in the net. Once you got them and while they’re hot, then you follow-up and say, “This person did this. Let’s take them to a different part in the campaign.” A campaign is like a flow chart. You send this email. “If they open this email, then we’re going to send them this email. If they don’t open the email then we’re going to send them this email. If they open that, we continue to branch out. If this happens, then we’re going to make this happen.”

If they open that email then let’s send them the following email. If they open that email, then we’re going to send them. Now you can communicate with someone like you would do it in real life like, “That person got back to me. I’m going to follow-up with them.” That’s what Infusionsoft is all about and the beauty of it is you get to automate that so that it happens. You do it once and then it continues to run. You can do it a few months from now and kick it off again with a new group or a few months from now with a new group, and keep feeding those in there. That’s how you find deals. You don’t sit at home, wait and say, “Look, a deal came through.” That’s not how it is. This is you nurturing those people, building those relationships and you can do that through the automation.

It’s such a good thing to help you streamline those to be able to do this from anywhere as well too. You don’t have to be traveling. I like to travel. I do a lot of things but you can do a lot of the stuff from your home or remotely with your laptop on vacation traveling the world. You talk about the guys who Monkeypod a lot and when you’ve spoken at Note CAMP or Note Night in America and stuff like that. How these guys travel the world were able to help serve their clients with automation tools, automation reports and automated video is to help them with their services while they’re still out having fun. A lot of people are used to the whole one-on-one conversation. I’m a big believer, “Let’s have one conversation to 1,000 people or 500 people,” or whatever your lists are or your databases and let those people identify themselves for those one-on-one conversations.

I spoke with Greg. Greg’s the guy who runs Monkeypod and I’ve been told a story of him. He goes up to Canada and spends a few weeks up there doing nothing on his business. He comes home and there’s more business. A couple of months ago, he went to Europe with his girlfriend and he was going to propose. He was on the banks of the canal in Amsterdam and he proposes. They travel this whirlwind trip around Europe for a couple of weeks. Once again, he comes home and finds more customers, more business, more blog subscribers and members on his membership site and he had done absolutely nothing for a couple of weeks while he was in Europe. He hadn’t picked up his phone and done anything on his Infusionsoft app. He hadn’t flipped open his laptop and typed in and made any campaigns.

It was all stuff that he had built once and he comes back and finds more business. Imagine you doing that. You wake up every morning. You can go on vacation to Europe for a couple of weeks if you want to. Imagine every day opening up your computer, opening up your Infusionsoft app and saying, “Look at the people who’ve reached out to me. I didn’t think I used to be able to find any notes and look at all these notes that have come. Look at all these properties that people are making available to me. Look at all these people that have reached back out to me because I set this up once a year ago or a few months ago and the business has started.” It’s flipping it around. It’s not you frantically doing, running out every day but you set the automation out. This makes it sound overly simplistic but the deals come to you, the properties come to you and the notes come to you. That is the whole purpose of all this.

One of the things that we’ve utilized is when people come to our website and everybody has a website. We’ve got three boxes right off the bat, “Are you here to learn about classes? Are you here to learn about buying deals? Are you here to learn more about our Mastermind and our coaching stuff?” When people opt-in to those lists, it automatically fills them in it. They’re getting a campaign on stuff, “Are you interested in deals? Tell us about it. Tell us your top three markets,” and that way when write-off lists, I have to basically go, “Look who’s buying in Ohio. Let’s send an email out to them or send them to a landing page as we update on the properties that we have.” If they’re looking for education on stuff or want to learn more about education, it takes them to my page that talks about our class schedule. If they sign up for class schedule, we get an alert. They get added to the database and they get a link sent to them. They’re off and running and learning. That’s the thing that people don’t realize is you’re in the 21st century as Darin likes to say, “What if the Jetsons were note investors?” It’s the 21st century and Scott and Darin are here to beam you up.

When we’re talking about growing the list, we are talking about several ways to grow that list. Taking pictures of business cards, following up with the networking, downloading the list that you were talking about. Some of the lists you can download are for free. Oftentimes, we talk about a lead magnet. A lead magnet is something that you can offer to someone for free in exchange for their email address. This could be something that you wanted to get in your database. Maybe you have a lead magnet. Make sure your lead magnet is something of value. Don’t do some throwaway stuff they can get anywhere but maybe like, “I’ve got a top exclusive list of the top five properties in Pennsylvania. If you want that, send me your email address so I can send it to you.”

NCS 451 | Attracting Clients

Attracting Clients: Any entrepreneurial tool is all about relationships.


When someone does that automatically whatever your product is, it gets emailed out to that person. Even better, now you know that person is interested in Pennsylvania. You can have another lead magnet of, “I’ve got the top ten list of the top opportunities in Ohio or whatever,” and you’re tagging them in Florida, Austin or wherever it might be. You’re not only gathering people in but you’re tagging them at the same time. You have the follow-up prebuilt for that so that they come in with the lead magnet and instantly the relationship is going to be built with that. Lead magnets are super easy to do. You can have it on your website, you can take out a Facebook ad or you could partner with somebody else. Maybe there’s someone who’s doing something similar but not a direct competitor. Maybe they mail to their list and say, “I talked with Bob and he’s got this phenomenal offer. He’s going to give everybody this great offer. Click on here.” That could take them to a landing page. It could be an opt-in form on your website if you want to. If it’s a Facebook ad it could be directly from there. You can have these nets because people want to jump into that. They want what you have and they want you to take them back home and help them out.

The term in the industry is a tripwire.

It is like that, they trip the wire to say, “I’m interested in this,” which sets a bomb off in your head saying, “Let me follow-up.” I had something happen and I’m stopping at everything except you don’t have to stop everything because the automation takes care of that. A lead magnet, if you’re thinking of different lead magnets and even if you have one lead magnet, you can tweak it a little bit to help you aid in that segmentation. If you have, “These could be the best properties anywhere in the country.” It could be something along those lines but especially for people in Texas and, “Ohio people, Pennsylvania,” whatever it is. As they click on that you know that’s likely where they’re from, they want to do business or they’re interested in properties or notes or something along the lines in that place. Make sure you have a good valuable lead magnet and the more lead magnets you have or at least if you’re able to customize them a little bit to make it appear like they’re multiple lead magnets. The more you have, the more you will be able to segment your list and then follow-up so people are engaged with you the right way.

One of the things that I like to do is people want to get my slides if I’m out speaking somewhere. Don’t worry about having to take photos of every slide. If you text to this number, you’ll get a link to my slides. You’ll also get a link to some videos for free. That allows them to opt-in. I know where they opted in. I tagged them and knew what event they were at and they will ask me to follow-up. I’ll upload my slides to SlideShare but I use that link to the SlideShare as a download. That’s the trip wire or a checklist. How you want my due diligence checklist or my 30/30 marketing matrix of things you can do over 30 days is a great tripwire. Things change. Some people like eBooks, some people like actual books, some people like checklists, some people want a tip and some people want to be on a list. With what we see here as entrepreneurs, you should be doing the most productive thing in any given time.

Finding deals and raising capital, you’re marketing is important to you. It’s as important but most people put that down the road. Whereas if you spent more time in your marketing, you’d raise more capital, you’d find more deals and be able to focus on that. That’s why I encourage anybody that’s reading            . If you’re a real estate investor, an entrepreneur of any sort who is struggling with your clients, with your contacts or maybe you had to run a meetup group, maybe you’re at a networking event and you’re not getting what you feel. You feel like you’re stuck. It’s probably because your marketing is stuck. It’s probably because of the fact that you probably don’t have automated things lined up in your business and you feel overwhelmed like you’re running around spinning many plates. That’s not a smart place to be in as an entrepreneur out there because I know. We’ve all been there.

Some of the lead magnets and a little observation but I found one is trending up and one is trending down. As you’re keeping in mind, eBooks, I don’t think as many people are interested in eBooks as they were a few years ago. eBooks were a hot topic and a lot of people downloaded them and nobody ever read them. It’s not as exciting. If you’ve got a great eBook with great content, then go for it. As a general term, eBooks are not as successful as they were. Your checklist is one of the hotter new things. People like checklists, quizzes or self-assessment type things where it’s going to be short and they’re going to go through, “Here’s my little checklist. How am I doing?” Checklists tend to be good. They are good. If someone downloads that it’s short. If someone downloads an eBook, it’s going to take some time for them to read that eBook and ingest that information. Most folks don’t get to the finish line with that. If it’s some PDF that you can print out, check it and do it, it’s super easy.

They see it and it seems fun and personalized to them because they’re saying, “How close am I to what Scott thinks I should be?” It associates me with Scott or whoever is sending this out. That builds a little relationship right off the bat. They know, “I’m a three on a scale of ten. I do need some help,” which also could drive them to come back to you to get more information. Checklists and surveys are a little more popular. Maybe it’s more success than eBooks or the one I think in general where there’s not good is a generic newsletter. That’s signing up for more spam. That’s where you’re saying, “Send me some more generic emails that I don’t want.” Send something like a tool they can use and the faster they can implement that, the faster they’ll be a part of your tribe and feel connected to you. You’ll feel like you’re the one who can solve the problems, especially if it’s a self-assessment. You’re the one who’s going to be able to help them do better on the self-assessment.

We’re putting this together, Infusionsoft as an opt-in. If they opt-in, read the blog. If they text in something specific, we’ll send them a link to the top ten downloads of our show so they get a good feel for what’s going on or the top ten training videos watched of all time, another thing we’re working on. Two similar lead magnets where they can listen to it or they can watch the videos of it so that they’re learning. We’ve got a great eBook, a 73-page book, a nuts and bolts thing. We got a lot of compliments on it. It’s on Amazon. The same thing is you have to evolve. Some people have read the book. They don’t want to read the book again. They want to do something different.

Surveys are such a phenomenal thing out there to your database. You don’t want to have it long but there are some specific things that need you surveys in our marketing, especially in some events like your top three states. What’s your main focus? Is it performing, nonperforming, first or seconds? Do you have a website, yes or no? Do you have an LLC, yes or no? Do you have a self-directed IRA, yes or no? Are you looking to partner with somebody, yes, no or maybe? What’s your birthday? We can set that automated up in the system to send them an email on their birthday saying, “Happy birthday.” I remember the story you talked about you went somewhere, opted in and suddenly a brownie showed up a few days later for you.

We’re talking about the attract, the sell and the wow. Maybe you do something, maybe someone partners with you and maybe it’s not even to that point. Maybe have some course, a product or maybe they’re showing an interest and they’re getting on the phone. You want to make sure that you get the deal done. You want to make sure that they are impressed with you and they’re going to say, “Is there anything that you do that makes them say wow as part of that?” Part of that could be you integrate with a platform like SendOutCards, ZenDirect or different fulfillment companies like that. They do this whatever tripwire, trigger something to happen, that tags them, sends a notification to send out cards or whatever the company is saying, “Send this person a box of brownies or a box of cookies.” That instantly shows up with maybe what looks like a handwritten note from you and you’re not doing any of that.

That is all completely automated. Whatever that trigger is then sends a notice. All these things you’ve pre-assigned. Send these cookies, have this note that looks like handwriting. This is the picture on the front. It’s going to sign it. Here’s the text that is all preset up and then everything happens and goes out. That person then gets a box and they’re like, “This is the coolest thing.” The company that does this well, they’re helping families and kids get ready for college. They have a $1 trial membership that you can sign up and get access to their coaching and training to help your family be more successful in college. It goes on for a few months. It’s a little trial basis thing. Someone signs up for a few months of that. After a few months of the $1 thing, it switches to the full paid membership. When it switches to the full paid membership, that’s when the brownies go out.

The person, instead of saying, “What’s this charge we got on the bill? We’re paying X number of dollars. I don’t want to have this.” Instead they’re like, “We got brownies in the mail. These are delicious,” and they love you for charging them a full price or whatever it is that happened. Use things like that whether it’s brownies, some other gifts, or something fulfillment to make somebody say, “I love doing business with Bob, Mary, Dave, whatever your name is,” so that people love you. I often think, especially if you’re doing any real estate investing, note investing and closing deals, it’s critical to be able to trust the person. Sometimes you have to do this without even meeting the person. Sometimes you do it through emails and maybe phone. There’s a company called SoTellUs like, “Do you like us? Tell us. “Do you use SoTellUs, Scott?

You do business with someone. Somehow they’ve done some. You could automatically send out a link in it that says, “Do you like us? Tell us.” There are three icons on your phone, one for a written testimonial or a written referral if you want to make that. One is for audio if you want to do that. Those are okay but not as effective as the video and the video is the easiest. You hit the top button which is the video and then you say, “Scott was the greatest to work with. We have done amazing deals. We earned $4 million in the last couple of months alone and things are going through the roof. Everybody should feel comfortable working with Scott.” Close that video. That video then can go to your website. It can go to a social media page or it could go to searchable in Google. People do feel comfortable doing business with you because they’ve seen, “Here are these twenty other people who were all raving about doing business with Scott.” That allows people to feel comfortable. It allows you to capture the wows from some of the people that you’re doing business with and help you grow your business through some of that, some of the tools there to help you move forward on that.

You are running different specials at any given time. Do you have a special out there we can throw out to the audience or anything like that to get the latest bonus that you’re offering?

We are going through some significant changes. I had people reach out. I’ll explain what the deal is. Infusionsoft is switching over to Keap. Keap is a simpler, slightly watered down, lower cost tool version of Infusionsoft. For a lot of people, you might need the power of Infusionsoft. Keap is $99 a month. Infusionsoft is $199 a month, $299 or $399. It goes up from that. For a limited time, I hesitate even to say this because this is probably disappearing.

Let’s have them reach out to you.

NCS 451 | Attracting Clients

Attracting Clients: The more good and valuable lead magnets you have, the more you will be able to segment your list and follow up so people are actually engaged with you the right way.


I can get Infusionsoft at the price of Keap. Right now I know I can do that and I probably can still do it for a week or so. I’m not 100% sure after that. At some point, they’re closing down saying, “The only way you can do Infusionsoft is the higher cost,” but right now I can get Infusionsoft for $99 a month. People need to get signed up for that. I can get you a discount for the first three months. We can get you set up with some coaching and training. We’ve got something amazing because we want to make sure you get set up. If this is a tool for you and if you’re struggling with any of the things we have talked about with the follow-up, the automation, growing your database, the list segmentation and finding notes because you don’t have any lists or whatever. This is a tool that can help them translate.

My phone number is (385) 439-9596. That’s my personal cell phone. Feel free to call me. My email address is Darin.Adams@Keap.com or Darin.Adams@Infusionsoft.com. You can always reach out to Scott. Scott’s got my digits and he can put you in touch with me too. I’d love to be able to help anybody out because I know the struggle and I hear the stories all the time. There’s nothing that pains me more than hearing those struggle stories but there’s nothing that gives me greater joy than hearing the stories of, “I’m doing it and I see great success.” I want to be able to help anybody with that. That’s the payday.

It doesn’t have to be payday. Emotionally, we’ve helped somebody overcome a hurdle and they’re better off and off and running. It takes a lot of that burden and stress off of them of struggling. “I’ve got something that works. This does work. You might know what you’re talking about Scott Carson and Darin Adams.”

There is nothing I love more than going to an event and someone coming up to me and saying, “I met you here last time, I signed up and I love what I’m able to do and I love everything about it.” That’s like, “I’ll keep traveling. I’ll keep little living out of hotel rooms. If I can help people with that, that makes it all worthwhile.”

If you’re looking to and didn’t write that down, drop me an email at Scott@WeCloseNotes.com. We’ll be glad to forward Darin’s info over there. Trust me, you want to take advantage of this offer or any offer they’ve got available. It is one of the most critical tools that we use in our note business. It was one of our cornerstones that have helped us to be successful in the last several years is using Infusionsoft in our marketing, systems and flow to help not only in our classes but also on our note buying and selling aspect of our business. Take advantage of it. Reach out to him. You will not be disappointed. Start marketing now because that’s not going to end anytime soon. Darin, thank you so much for joining us here on the show. I’m always honored. Take advantage of that. Reach out to Darin. Get signed up with Infusionsoft. You will not be disappointed. Go out and make something happen and we’ll see you at the top.

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