EP 634 – Be Better At Swinging Your Bat First Before Landing Home Runs 

NCS 634 | Home Runs

NCS 634 | Home Runs


Most of the time, aspiring investors only look at the endgame, where they start to earn big and save big. However, the difficult part of building your network, understanding how the game is played, and learning the industry’s ups and downs is totally neglected, which hinders them from hitting their home runs. In this episode of the Note Closers Show Podcast, Scott Carson discusses the need to build your experience and knowledge set before trying to hit a Grand Slam Deal. He discusses the importance of building foundational skills to start on the right foot and avoid looking like a fool in front of potential future deal flow.

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Be Better At Swinging Your Bat First Before Landing Home Runs

In this episode, I want to talk a bit about a coaching call I had with an investor or a student who reads the blog. I thought it’s relevant to share that conversation and what we discussed with you because I think a lot of people are going through this and trying to figure things out for the market. They’re not happy with what they’re doing with their 9:00 to 5:00 where they’re trying to pivot in some fashion or try to become an investor. They want to try to do it as easy as pie, as fast as possible without having to do the work. I’m going to compare this call. Especially being a note investor. I think the conversation was like, “Have we ever partnered with big firms where?” We reached out to a big funding company and I had $5 million or $1 million-plus.

They gave us the money. We went and bought the deal right off the bat. We didn’t have to go out raise individual money for it. We partnered with it. We’ve been approached by different firms in the past to say, “Would you go out and help us find a big chunk of money?” When it comes down to compensation, they only want to give a 1% to 2% or 3% points on it versus a percentage of the portfolio, because we have to go out and find the deals make the connections. Going forward, they’ve got that connection that they’re not paying us.

Even if you sign an NCND or a fee agreement, those things are going to force. What are you going to do, sue somebody? It’s not going to happen. I was asking you some questions and you can always tell with specific questions if people hit around the obvious facts. If I ask you a straight question, I expect a straight answer. If I have to ask you 2, 3 times that throws up my red flags, like, “What are you hiding?” After 2 or 3 questions trying to finalize what he’s trying to do. He’s talking about raising capital. He’s talking about real estate investing. I said, “What are you in? What deals have you done before we’re talking about? Have you done any fix and flipping out?”

It’s like, “No, I’m brand new.” I’m like, “You’re saying as a brand spanking new real estate investor, you want to go find some company to give you a $5 million to go find a portfolio of notes.” He’s like, “Yes.” I was like, “It’s not going to happen.” He’s like, “What do you mean it’s not going to happen?” I’m a part of the Distressed Pro by Brecht Palombo accredited investor thing. There’s a lot of access to stuff. I literally looked at him and said, “You guys all know that I love Brecht. Brecht Palombo is great. We’ve had them on here before and the show. I think is a great piece of software.” If you know what the hell you’re looking at. If how to take what you’re learning there and apply it.

I take what this guy was trying to do straight out of the books. He didn’t have never even been to a real estate investment club. We talked to him about it. I asked him, “What kind of deals have you done?” He goes, “Nothing.” I was like, “Have you wholesaled anything? Have you done fix and flipping? Have you even bought your own house yet?” He’s like, “No.” You’re trying to step up to the plate, your first at bat in a baseball game and try to hit a home run the first time you swing a bat. That’s what you’re doing. I asked him, “What’s your full-time day job?” He’s like, “I’m in the hospitality industry.” I’m like, “What is that? Are you a waiter? Are you a manager? Are you a valet?” He’s like, “No, I’m in the limousine service. I’m a valet.”

I’m like, “Kudos, work hard but no offense, if you don’t have the experience, if you haven’t struck out, there’s no way you can hit a home run.” I compare it to him, literally stepping up to the plate, picking up a baseball bat for the first time because he’s watched baseball. He never swung, never struck out, never seen the live pitching and trying to hit a home run the first at bat. I see this happen a lot of times with investors. They get in, they don’t want to do the work. They don’t want to market. They don’t want to raise private capital from individual investors. They want to, “I’m going to go big.” That’s great, but you’re facing a lot of odds. If you look back in history and I’m going to compare it. I actually had to do the stats.

There have been 153 people in all Major League, from the time Major League Baseball started that got up and hit a home run at their first at bat. One person did it. Two people did it before. It’s not done very often. When you think about the amount of people coming through. There are 30 Major League baseball clubs with 25 people on the team, they rotate through rookies and stuff like that. That’s small. Less than 1/10 of 1/10 of 1%. You think about them as people. That’s not the smart way to do things. I tried to incorporate this into the guys. I get it that you’re taking some great training or oriental stuff there, but you still got to do the nuts and bolts.

NCS 634 | Home Runs

Home Runs: Nobody’s going to give you a shot at the big show when you’ve never even played a game.


You still got to get your hands dirty. You still got to strike out. One of you may be striking out, you’ve got to start marketing. You got to go do some pitching. If you get a deal, you’ve got to market it to your investors. You’ve got to raise some capital because new firms going to give somebody a $5 million line of credit when you’ve never even raised $5. Nobody’s going to give you a shot at the big show when you’ve never even played a game. I love having big dreams. I think big dreams are a great way to have even accomplish all things. First and foremost, you’ve got to understand the rules of the game and you’ve got to get them and play it. When I played baseball, I was a linebacker trying to play baseball.

I was fast. I could steal bases. I played decent outfield play, but I wasn’t the greatest hitter. I’ve got some hits. I had some RBIs in high school. I never played little league baseball. I never played T-ball. I went in my freshman year and I went on and tried out for baseball in my high school. I made the JV team as a freshman. We had a JV or varsity. I got pulled up to the varsity. My senior lend yard actually because I was the fastest guy on the team. Imagine 6’1”, I was 195 at the time, but getting on. I would steal bases and I would run people over. Nobody was getting my way where I’m over, but I didn’t play much in the outfield.

I sure as heck only had a couple of bats. That’s the point. You have to know where you sit in the game. The note business is the game, the paper game. You’ve got to develop skills along the way. No piece of software, even though Distressed Pro is freaking amazing. It’s a great thing, but it can bog you down a lot of information is you don’t know where to begin. It all comes back to building that foundational base as a real estate investor because that’s what you all are. We are all real estate investors. We’re all in the media business more so these days I said, “How many people do you have a database?” I don’t have any databases.” “Do you use Mailchimp? Do you have this? Do you have even an LLC?” I discovered that the best thing for me to do is doing a trust. I know it’s not. You need to go get an LLC and get started. You got to start building that experience. Grant Cardone has been known to say, or somebody has been saying, “You don’t become an expert until you spend at least 10,000 hours doing something.”

Put In A Lot Of Little Shows

I see this with so many investors that they want to cut corners. It’s like building a house on no foundation. “I’m going to throw up some walls and a roof. We’re going to call it a house.” It doesn’t mean anybody wants to buy that house. It doesn’t mean anybody wants to live in that house. If it’s windy outside, he may have the big, bad wolf banging at your doors. I tried to take some time like, “You need to get some education. You need to get some training because the things you’re saying to me, you’re shooting yourself in the foot before we get going.” It’s one of the things I tried to get through the guys like, “No offense. I love your passion. I know what you’re trying to do, but you’ve got to start taking some training. You’ve got to get some actual physical real-world training, not just on how to use Distressed Pro, but how to market, how to start looking at deals. Get your feet wet. Strike out a few times. Get some blisters on your hands from swinging that bat a few times. Get some dirt on that jersey. Sweat a little bit and practice. If you want to make it to the big show, you got to put in a lot of little shows.” If he’s reading, I love you. I think you can do amazing things if you will be coachable. It’s one of the things that is frustrating. I talk with a lot of people all across the country, I get a lot of phone calls.

People, you’re always more than welcome to schedule a 30-minute call. They go to TalkWithScottCarson.com. You go straight to my schedule to schedule some time to talk with me. I’m always glad to ask questions and help you answer things and give everybody 30 minutes to help them on the right path. There are enough people out there that want to take advantage of you and want to sell you something that’s not relevant anymore. I don’t. My biggest thing is I want you to get started. That’s why we have different phases of what we do with our training. The One Day Note Weekend for $49 is the cliff notes, the nuts and bolts version, dip your toe in the water. I always recommend people start off there if they don’t have any type of experience.

The next step from there is to take a three-day course, our Virtual Note Buying Workshop. If you want to go from there and you’ve been doing some things along the way, then you may want to take a look at investing in our one-on-one note coaching. I had people come in, “I want to do the note coaching.” I’m like, “What’s your experience?” “Nothing.” No offense. You get got to start at square one. You got to do these things along the way. It’s the same thing that goes for our note coaching students. We’ve got a great new crop of one-on-one coaching students. They’re going through the training and we spent four weeks with them. Before we start like, “You’ve got to do this. You’ve got to work on this. You need to put this in place before you get ready to rock and roll.”

There are some people like, “I might be interested in.” I’m like, “No. You’re not coachable. I don’t want to deal with you. I’m not going to let you go to the next. You need to go somewhere else.” That’s the most important thing that separates professionals and people that are good at something or getting good at something. They were coachable in the beginning. I think back to some large students have closed more deals than others. The Wayne Snells, the Jay Tenenbaums, the Robert Woods, and stuff like that closed on 50 deals their first year. You look at some of those individuals, they were all coachable.

NCS 634 | Home Runs

Home Runs: Many investors want to cut corners. It’s like building a house with no foundation.


They all follow the program. They all started off by buying 1 or 2 assets, raising money from their warm market, their friends, their families, or fund the deals themselves and going out and raising capital. I think about Wayne Snell, he’s now basically got a fund. He was scared to death to raise capital on his first round. I can remember the night that he actually connected with a private investor and got his first pledge funds. He wouldn’t shut up about it. How do I know? It happened during our San Antonio Mastermind we had a couple of years ago. We had a group of people come in and there was a networking group. Another Mastermind was going to this networking event. Wayne went along with them in San Antonio and got to talk with people and the guy pledged $25,000.

The Little Victories

Wayne has raised a couple of million dollars from it. You have to realize it starts with those little victories. The little victories lead to a lot of great things. Strikeouts lead to hits. Hits lead to doubles, triples. Hits lead to home runs. You need to develop your craft. We look at Michael Jordan, as the NBA Finals have wrapped up, Major League Baseball’s and the final phases of game three, game four is here or something like that. Michael Jordan, one of the greatest athletes of all time was at .300 hitter. He never made it the big show. He made it the Birmingham Barons. He hit a couple of home runs, but he had to develop his craft. When the opposing pitchers realized that he couldn’t hit a curveball or an off-speed pitch, he went into a slump.

He can hit the fast stuff. He can hit the straight stuff thrown down the pipe. A lot of people can hit fastballs. It’s that curveball, the change at the sliders that you have to be a gifted hitter. That’s why there’s been one person in the last over a hundred years. When you think back to it, Ted Williams hitting .406. It’s a rarity because you strike out more than you actually do. We make bids on more deals that we ended up striking out on every time. It’s why you see a closing ratio for most successful investors, somewhere around 30% to 40%. Initially, it’s a 10% closing ratio. You’ve got to make ten offers to hopefully get one in. One accepted still got to raise the capital or do it. These are the things that you’ve all heard me talk about. I want to reiterate it. In today’s world, in the media, crazy aspect of video, social media, LinkedIn and Tik TOK, whatever it is, you have to develop those assets because it’s become more important than anything else.

Learn How To Pivot

We had a great episode with the CEO and president of Century 21, Mike Miedler. I encourage you to go back and read that episode. We had a great episode with him. He was talking about how they’ve had to embrace the fact that you have to get creative 130,000, 160,000 agents across the world who’ve been dealing with things. Learn how to pivot and move with the market. Otherwise, you’re out of business. Otherwise, you’re losing market share, or you’re basically a dinosaur and extinct. Don’t be a dinosaur straight out of the gate. There are reasons people are successful. There are reasons that we have helped many people do amazing things in the note businesses because we tell them exactly what it is.

You have to do this, this and this. You can’t go from A to Z. You can’t cut the line and expect to be admitted to the game. You have to do the little things because those little things lead to success in the big things. You have to strike out to get better at what you do. You’ve got to practice. You’ve got to put in those 10,000 hours or 10,000 trials to get to the point where you’re doing. Otherwise, you can talk a big game and realize that’s all talk and no action. I won’t say his name, but there’s a guy on the West Coast who runs an investment club up there. He’s got a nickname because he talks a game but never delivers on a variety of things. He talks a game about having people come out in networking, but then he can’t pay his Mailchimp account to market people. He can’t market on a regular basis.

You have to get those little things. That’s one of the big things I always talk about with people. I know that success comes from that little thing. Do you know what it is? Send an email. You can look at all the deals all day long, but if you don’t have your email accounts down, if you don’t have your Mailchimp account downs, 8web, or what are you going to use, where you can do that basic necessity of reaching out to the masses, you’re going to run out of some money if you’re self-funded eventually. You got to start marketing and realizing, “That’s the way the world is, it’s the 21st century. Scotty’s here to beam me up, everybody.” Some of you drag kicking and screaming into the new world. This virtual aspect of life that we have with COVID, it’s here to stay. It’s not going away anytime soon.

Virtual Vacations

One of the things that I think will do well is the virtual vacations. The whole Oculus things where you can go take vacations in an hour or two, I think that’s going to speed up as people don’t want to leave their homes. People don’t want to travel because they’re scared of things. I’m not scared to travel. I would go to Mexico. I’d go down to a beach and sit my ass in the Caribbean somewhere if I could. You have to realize ladies and gentlemen you have to evolve with the times. If you want to change your situation, whether you’re a waiter or an operator of call center, chauffeur, valet, whatever it might be, wherever you’re at. If you’re not happy where your current occupation is and you want to take it to a different level, having a big goal of being able to take that down, have a firm give you $5 million.

NCS 634 | Home Runs

Home Runs: The most important thing that separates professionals and people who are good at something is that they were coachable in the beginning.


That’s a phenomenal goal to have, but you got to do a lot of work. You got to do a lot of self-building up along the way. One of the best advices I’ve ever been given is given by a friend of mine who was Greg Green. Has talked about the point that if you want to make $100,000, you’ve got to get your mind into the $100,000 range. If you want to make $1 million, it’s a whole different mindset and different activities that go from 6 figures to 7 figures. You’ve got to work on systems, you’ve got to work on delegation. You can’t be scared and try to do everything yourself. The thing that I had to work on is changing mindset. I can’t be the person that tried to do it all in my business.


I have to delegate at the higher people, assistants, professionals to let them do their job at what they’re good at so I can be better at what I do. That’s the biggest thing I can tell you guys. It’s great having a big goal. An anti-mentor of mine. You can have anti-mentors. Have you ever had that professor or that teacher that didn’t believe in you and you? You hear stories where all these great experts had their teachers tell them all, “You’re not worth anything. You’re not going to amount to anything.” I had a teacher and she is passed on and I hate to say this. One of the most negative people when it comes to developing minds at the high school level. One of the most brilliant math minds.

I knew her stuff. A brilliant when it comes to math. She taught geometry, calculus, stuff like that. One of the hardest teachers and the only teacher I ever butted heads with growing up. I made As in algebra. I’m the guy that looks at an equation or a thing and I can come up with the answer because I see it in my head. In geometry, you got to put down those steps to show that you know it. I always had a hard time with it. I’m like, “I see it. I’ll explain it.” It was the only class that I ever had a failing grade in. Honors geometry. I made Bs and Cs the first semester. The second semester I made an F. It’s the only class I ever failed. I passed. I was glad to be out of the class at the end of the year. Mrs. Crawford, who Ingleside, she would tell people in the class, “Dreams and goals are great, but I don’t think your dream should ever be achievable. A dream is something you could never achieve.”

I thought that math is what turned me off on the first day. I’m like, “What? You want to tell us that you don’t believe dreams are achievable.” Now I get having big dreams and goals and put them out there, but you worked them. That was the case of the mindset, somebody who was so intelligent, who was teaching high school in a small school. That’s the thing that drives me bonkers. Everybody that is reading this, you all have big goals and dreams that you want to accomplish. The biggest factor in achieving that is not somebody else, it’s you.

If you want to have a podcast, or if you want to raise millions of dollars, you want to close on tons of deals, it all comes down to you. You take any actions. You’re getting up. You’re making the contact. You’re doing the day in, day out activities and evaluating your day in, day out activities. Are they fruitful? Am I doing the most productive thing? Am I losing myself down a fake book? Am I losing myself down watching hours and hours of the GaryVee show? I have to give Gary great credit. When I first started off, I love watching the GaryVee show when it came out. I found myself spending an hour a day. I’m like, “It’s 10:00 to 11:00 before he’s done.” I lost an hour of my day. I lost 1/8 of my day if you think about the workday listening to Gary Vee. After a while, it’s the same shit over and over recycled stuff. He will be the first one to tell you, “Quit listening to me and start taking action.”

That’s the thing that I want to get at. If you want to advance what you wanting to do in life, you have to start putting down the things that are wasting your time and are not productive. We all have things. We are all guilty of this in some matter of fact, of having put things down and be focused on what we need to do. One of the biggest things that I got into that took my focus away was trying to be a podcasting expert and teacher. I’m not saying the podcast has been a bad thing. Trying to pivot that route like, “I’m going to rebrand and add podcasting coaching because we’ve done a great job with that.” I looked a few months ago I was like, “No, I need to stick to my one path. I need to stick to what I know, hone my craft and be focused much more direct on that.” There was nothing wrong. It’s a big ego boost to have somebody ask you to speak in a podcasting conference or a podcasting summit. At the end of the day, it didn’t lead to results. It didn’t lead to things that I need to have happened for me to get where I want to be. My ultimate goal is to do better for myself, my family and what I want to accomplish.

That’s the thing I want to look at and talk with you guys. If you say, “I’m struggling to have a fine time in my day to get what I need done because I work a full-time job,” then what are you doing that’s part-time? Everybody can carve out an hour or two hours of their day if they’re honest with themselves. It may not be five days, maybe two days, you have two hours where there’s a lunch break for half an hour, an hour or an hour at night. If you’re commuting, putting something into help you better yourself. Whether you’re listening to podcasts while you’re driving or commuting, at the gym or walking. You achieve what you focus on.

NCS 634 | Home Runs

Home Runs: You have to develop your assets because it’s become more important than anything else.


If you want to be on the big show, if you want to be hitting home runs and grand slams, do you know what you got to do? You got to spend more time in the cage. You got to spend more time filling grounders, breaking down due diligence tapes, looking, talking to asset managers, evaluating, looking at websites, looking at values, pulling up and learning as much as you possibly can about the game. It’s a paper game. It’s unique. It’s not like you’re fixing flips. It’s not like your BRRRR model. It’s not like your short-term rental. The paper game is different than everybody else talks about. You can’t come to be a note investor from a real estate and expect to put, “I’ve been a wholesale fix and flipper.” It’s not the same thing. You have to take those glasses off and put new eyeballs. It’s almost like Tom Cruise in Minority Report where he had to get rid of his eyeballs and have some Asian guys eyeballs looking at the world differently.

That was the hard thing for me. In my first two years, as I approached the note game from a fix and flip, a foreclosure and rehabber, I have lost a lot of money. If you’re coming to this game without any experience, that’s actually can be a good thing for you because you haven’t built bad habits, but the bad habits you have, if it is like, “I’m going to do the least amount to have the most of my success.” That doesn’t work that way ladies and gentlemen. You can’t do the least amount and expect huge results. That’s why they say, “I give 110%.” “It’s physically impossible to give 110%.” You should have given 100% the first time. Actually, that extra 110% is the stuff that’s done when nobody else is looking, that extra rep, that extra deal, that extra 5% that you give in that shows up at the end of the day.

Success things happen. People always say, “Scott, you’re a lucky guy because you’ve fallen to some things.” No, I’m not lucky, I’m prepared. When you were a prepared individual, you show up early, you stay late, good things happen to you. One of my biggest successes early on came from some failure stuff. We went to St. Louis for the big St. Louis Real Estate Expo. We have a big group there. Terry Hall‘s a guy who has been a radio expert and a realtor in St. Louis for many years. Some big names were supposed to be there. That weekend, a blizzard rolled into St. Louis. This was Terry Hall’s first event trying to do a big thing. He’d been big on radio. They didn’t have a lot of people sign up because it was a different mindset.

You’re trying to do an event like you did ten years ago, it’s different now these days. Combined with that plus the big blizzard, I think only maybe 100 people were showing up. Some of the big speakers, they were upset, cussing, and they left. They didn’t stick around for the weekend. I’m like, “We’re here. We’re going to show up full and try to give and pivot. Try to make the most amount of lemonade out of the lemons we’ve been given for the weekend. It was one of our most successful events. There were other people there, but we were able to have what we thought were instead of us having an hour, we had five hours in front of people.

We shared, we gave, we adjust our pricing point. What we’re doing to make the most of that event, to take advantage of what we did have available. Sometimes we’re all served shit sandwiches and you all got to take a bite out of them sometimes. If you know how to do that, and you try to approach things like, “I could have sat there and bitched and moaned. What I’ve loved to be in front of 500 people than 100 people. Of course.” The way I look at it, you get one person to open your email. It’s better than none. You get one person to watch your video where you go to the local meetup groups and you talk to one person more than you’ve talked before. You’re moving in the right direction.

The fact that you show up and play sets you up apart from the crowd. The fact that you show up to an event or you attend something, there’s enough excuses not to get out of bed and not to show up. That stops about 80% of people. We can all sit here and bitch and moan about COVID, restrictions and politics. What happens in debates doesn’t mean that doesn’t have one ounce of reaction to what I’m doing now. I see people getting all distraught about Trump, Biden and all these things. There’s only one person that is standing between you and success. That is the person looking back at you in the mirror. The person that you are, my success and failures is 100% relied on what I do on a day in, day out action.

What I do on a daily basis of getting up, coming to the computer, working, marketing, finding deals, calling banks, that day in, day out to. Sometimes it’s not sexy. I wore pants for the first time in a long time. I walked down the stairs steps, they’re like, “What the heck? Are you wearing jeans today?” I’m like, “Why not? I’m tired of wearing shorts and gym shorts for the most part in front of my computer.” I still show up, it gets easier each day you show up. The first couple of days is difficult. You’re figuring things out. You want to throw your computer when something doesn’t work, but you learn. You evolve, you grow, you have these breakthroughs that lead to more breakthroughs, which lead to more breakthroughs. Eventually, you look back and you laugh about the little hurdle at the very front end, which was your first big breakthrough that was so huge then. In the future, you look back, that was something so small.

NCS 634 | Home Runs

Home Runs: The biggest factor in achieving your goals is in you and not somebody else.


We’re going to look back at this thing in years and say, “How did we evolve? How do we survive?” We did. We found a way to make it. You have to do that. For those that are serious about achieving big things, you have to be the person that carries that light, that carries that mantle, that kindles your tribe. It comes in, you can’t step into a leadership position. You’re not born into. You’re not royalty. You have to build that expertise by getting the bruises, the cuts, the blisters, the bloody noses, the bloody knees, the bruises that come from failing forward. You can’t expect to hit a grand slam or a home run when you’ve never struck out in life, nobody will believe. The biggest problem we see is that people want to do the least amount to have the most amount of success. It doesn’t work that way. I’m sorry. It doesn’t matter with technology. I’ve gotten good at podcasts because I’ve put in 630 different episodes. I’ve done thousands of videos. I’m good at evaluating note deals because I’ve looked at thousands of deals, spreadsheets, looked at different things, made the phone calls and had the conversations.

My success in whatever I’ve done and my failures has come directly from me and nobody else. The buck has to stop with you and the buck also has to start with you. You’ve got to take that time to hone your craft and get trained. Talk to the experts and listen to what they’re telling you. An expert is taking the time of his or her schedule to spend 30 minutes with you. Don’t discount what they’re telling you. They don’t need to be on the phone with you. They got better things to be doing, but they’re going to take time out of their valuable day and tell you 1 or 2 things, but you want to cherry-pick what you want to accept as fact, then you are the problem. They aren’t the problem, the world isn’t the problem, you’re the problem.

If you look at what’s going on, the World Series being played in Arlington here and Major League Baseball came together for 60 games. Clayton Kershaw had a great final first game of the World Series. He finally had a great game. A great career, hall of fame pitcher, we’ll put it out there. A phenomenal guy, but he’s had his struggles in the biggest games in the World Series the last couple of years, getting bombed. Horrible pitching outing. When this guy who’s been in consistency throughout this regular season seems to burn out and flatter. I want to say, it’s because the crowd was out of it. It was him and the other 24, 25 guys, the staff versus the Tampa Bay.

He took the crowd out of it and showed up and pitched. I think you have to do that everybody. Don’t get me wrong. Enough people are watching the game and looking into it and stuff like that. The point I’m trying to get here is, showing up and putting in that extra time yourself, not being afraid of who’s looking at you. Getting out there, attending meetup groups, attending Zoom calls, going to conferences, whether it’s in-person or virtual. Doing something, putting that investment in, pick up the phone call and people that are above where you’re at or growth where you want to be and talking to those people. I will guarantee, most of them will take your phone call if you reach out to them and show respect.

The last thing you want to do is show up a discount where they say, “I’m only going to do this or this. I’m not going to do that.” Go do something else. Save us a lot of time, grief and stick to what you’re doing. If you can’t be coachable, you’re not willing to take the counsel given by people, you’re not going to find that success that can dream. You would go from one thing to another thing. If you see that you’re one of those individuals that’s going from one workshop to another workshop but never doing anything, at some point, you’d be better off light that money on fire, donating it to your local shelter or your favorite charity, because it’ll have more impact than what you’re doing.

At some point you got to stop learning and you got to start doing. Start doing it. Start taking the action. Start doing the little things to build into that bigger success. At some point, you can be standing there hitting the home runs. Maybe not your first at bat, but you’ll start hitting more consistently because you’ve got better at your skills. You’ve pulled in and you know your strike zone. You know that high fast ball, that low way you avoid. You know what’s in your real house. The best thing I can tell you is those that are most successful at anything have honed in their skill, they’re focused on their wheelhouse, their primary strike zone. They’re not chasing things out of the zone.

That’s why they have the most amount of success. They’re coachable and they’ve learned to hone their skills. They’ve listened to experts and they’ve practiced, put it into play and struck out before they hit the home run. I encourage you guys and girls out there. Pick up the phone and give me a phone call. Don’t struggle alone. There are plenty of people here to help you. I know we all can feel overwhelmed sometimes with things going on in this crazy world. Talk to people. Get out of the house, slap a mask on, go have a happy hour somewhere you can go, meet a friend, do it virtually, whatever you needed to. Go do something, connect with those that are doing or where you want to be. Trust me, that little nugget you get from them maybe the whole difference between you finding success or continuing to struggle on your path. I wish you all the best of luck guys and girls. Go take action. I promise if you do that, we will see you at the top. Bye.

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