EP NNA 106 – Recession Proof Real Estate Investing: Steps To Thrive Even In Chaos With Chris Prefontaine

NNA 106 Chris | Real Estate Investing

  On this episode of Note Night in America, Scott talks with Chris Prefontaine from Wicked Smart Real Estate about how Chris and his team create three different paydays for their and their student’s businesses by utilizing subject to deals and buying on terms. Chris and his team has been offering courses and programs to help students and people in their investments. Some have even spent quite a large sum of money but still haven’t … Read More

EP 692 – Working For Yourself: Larry Hoffman’s Journey Into Note Investing

NCS 698 Scott | Note Investing

  Larry Hoffman is a software developer who is looking to break into note investing. He recently took a one-on-one coaching program at WCN. Now, he’s more confident as a note investor and was able to raise a couple hundred thousand dollars in private funds. Now, Larry is the owner of LJH Investments LLC, a real estate investment firm that specializes in buying and selling distressed assets. Join Scott Carson as he talks with his … Read More

EP NNA 97 – A Year In Review: Things I’m Grateful For In 2021

NNA 97 | Grateful For 2021

  A lot of people would agree that 2021 was not as bad as 2020 and they have to be grateful for those little wins. People often don’t celebrate victories anymore. With Christmas just on the horizon, there’s no better time of year to show gratitude. So come join your host Scott Carson as he reminisces on the top 10 things he’s grateful for in 2021. Before you prep and set goals for 2022, take … Read More

EP NNA 95 – Best Time-Blocking Tools And Your Success Plan For Note Investing With Student Guests

  Do you want to succeed in note investing? Here’s a step-by-step success plan for you. The first step is to time block your schedule. In this episode of Note Night in America, Scott Carson breaks down to his students the simple ways to outline what time you have available in your schedule and what activities to schedule. He also shares his best time-blocking tools, the need for Calendly.com, OctopusCRM.io, and a CRM to help … Read More

EP 634 – Be Better At Swinging Your Bat First Before Landing Home Runs 

NCS 634 | Home Runs

  Most of the time, aspiring investors only look at the endgame, where they start to earn big and save big. However, the difficult part of building your network, understanding how the game is played, and learning the industry’s ups and downs is totally neglected, which hinders them from hitting their home runs. In this episode of the Note Closers Show Podcast, Scott Carson discusses the need to build your experience and knowledge set before … Read More

EP 334 – Product Of Our Coaches: On Being Coachable In Life

NCS 334 | Product Of Our Coaches

  Life is a series of making failures and learning from them. Sometimes, we have the best people that can help guide us through all of these ups and downs. They are our coaches who continually inspire and push us to become better and to reach our goals. So Scott shares how the coaches of his past have helped to shape and mold him for today. Calling on to people who have created an impact … Read More