EP NNA 2 – Exchanging Punches In The Marketing Octagon

NCS NNA 2 | Marketing Octagon

NCS NNA 2 | Marketing Octagon

Real estate entrepreneurs and note investors are defined by their marketing skills because this can take your businesses to the 10X level. However, most entrepreneurs these days are spoiled brats who think they are doing a lot for their business by being active in social media rather than doing the things they need to do in the field. Note closing is similar to MMA where investors start as contenders in the marketing octagon and become the punching bag for other investors. But that’s okay, because this is where the learning happens. When you get punched, you punch back by finding and closing deals, raising capital and becoming a trusted source in your circle. Learn how you can win your first championship belt in the note closing marketing octagon.

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Exchanging Punches In The Marketing Octagon

Our topic is called The Marketing Octagon. You’re going to love what we’ll talk about because I’m going through a lot of things, little step by step. It’s been a while since we talked about marketing in a bigger, broader fashion. This is a subject that I love because it helps make us exactly who we are.  It is helping so many real estate entrepreneurs, real estate investors, note investors take their business to a whole 10X levels by doing simple things on a regular basis. I’m looking forward to diving in.

First and foremost, thank you for taking time out of your schedule. We host this every Monday night with some great content and great speakers or vendors to really help you accelerate your note business and real estate investments, to help take it to a different level. We have real estate investors on here, we have note investors, we have people looking to get into notes, to lend money on notes. You can catch the replays by going really easy to WeCloseNotes.tv. Our replays are always available at WeCloseNotes.tv. We have most of our videos online there for you to be able to tap into and watch. When you’ve got to step out early or you miss something and you want to go back and catch it, you’ll be able to catch it there as well.

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We are now almost to 54,000 downloads in the first five months, so we’re really excited about that. That is helping us, and you’re going to see me say this over and over again, our big goal for the next five years is to help to educate and create 10,000 note investors. One of the big things I’m going to ask you, if you have other note investors, have other people that are interested in notes, please feel free to refer them to the website WeCloseNotes.com. Refer them to the Note Night in America Podcasts. Refer them in an email to me. We’ll be glad to get them registered. We believe that we can help and change note investing for some good stuff out there, really revolutionize what’s going on. 

I’m really excited. We’ve got cool thing that’s kicking off. Stay tuned for some updates on that super secret thing. We’ve got a few people on here that are part of that close thing that I didn’t allow everything to be on. We’re excited about that. It’s really driving a lot of product and brings some deals on the table. That’s our goal, 10,000 note investors over the next five years. We are on our way to doing that. We had a couple of investors come in and spend three days with us for our Fast Track training. Our subsequent one-on-one trainings are filling up pretty fast in the first quarter. We only got two spots left for the February 23rd, 24th, 25th ones. We’ve got three spots left in the March 16th, 17th and 18th. We’ve spent a lot of time going through your needs as a note investor here to these Fast Track training. It’s basically our one-on-one thing and then once you’ve gone through our Fast Track, you’re part of the Note Mastermind. RSVP now, you can enjoy three days of coaching. It’s good for you plus a partner or a spouse. We’ll help you put your note business into overdrive. You can just drop me an email at Scott@WeCloseNotes.com.

We’re excited for those that are already part of our Note Mastermind. If you did not know this, our next Mastermind meeting is April 13th, 14th, 15th. You need to have your taxes done by then. It’s in beautiful Cape Coral, Florida. It’s going to be at The Westin Cape Coral Resort. We’re jacked up because we love this place. It’s a relaxed beautiful resort for us to hang out and really network, really grow our note businesses. You want to contact Stephanie Goodman at 512-507-5663 to see about reserving your spot. We do have a room block that will fill up fast so reserve now. I know we’re literally still 80 days out from it, but there’s no time like the present to start prepping for your 2018. 

You’ve got to realize we’re about 8% percent of the way done with the year already. You have to also realize if you’re not seeing the results, you’re not having the success that you want to, it’s either you’re not evolving with the times, you’re still operating like it’s last year or two years ago or you’re just flat-out lazy and not doing the things that you need to do. Those that are still doing business the old way, that doesn’t mean you’re lazy. I’m not saying that. Those that are lazy that know the things that they need to be doing and they just flat-out don’t really try to do the bare minimum. Then they bitch about not having any success or not having any investors or not having any deal flow because they’re still trying to do business as normal like it was a year ago, two years ago, three years ago. I had a phone call with a guy who’s like, “I tried to do the note business ten years ago. Has it changed some since then?” I’m like, “Really? You have to ask that? Yes. It’s changed. It’s different. There are things you have to do today that you didn’t have to do a year ago, that you didn’t have to do two years ago or five years ago.” If you’re not doing the things that you need to do, you’re getting punched in the face. You are the punching dummy for some other people. 

We have a question, “When is the marketing book release date that you’re working on?”

This is literally one of the big things that we’re working on. This webinar is a precursor to the book that we’re working through to get released and written for you. This is the launch of it. I haven’t done all the marketing webinar in some time and we’re re-changing up out because I think what we did before was great. It was like, “You could do this,” but honestly right now I’m going to get in your face. I’m going to punch you in the face with content. I’m going to give you the things that you need to succeed. I’m not going to sit here and just blow smoke, “You feel good to do this.” No. These are the things that you should do. Those that are doing them are seeing the success they want to do or they get up to where they want to be and they’re fine every once in a while. They to use the things we’re going to teach to really launch them to where they want to be and then they get enough investors, they get enough deals going and they can do whatever they want. I’m not going to be talking to those that are brand new, but those people that have been around for a while and aren’t seeing the type of success that they have or they’re more worried about the play-off games than their business. They’re more worried about watching Grey’s Anatomy or The Bachelor versus doing something. Or they bitch about not having any money or they post in groups bare minimum information hoping that somebody will save them when they should just do a lot more. 

NCS NNA 2 | Marketing Octagon

Marketing Octagon: If you started doing something today, would you have the dedication 30 years from now to do something different?

I’m going to ask all of you this really dumb question but I expect honest answers. How long will you be an investor? Before you answer this, grab something because you’re going to want to take some notes. There’s going to be some a-ha moments. There’s going to be some note nuggets delivered for you all. A lot of people are acting like, “I’m only going to be around one year, five years, ten years, twenty years,” and somebody said, “The rest of my life, 30 years.” That’s what I expect. Let me ask you a dumb question. Are many of you wearing different clothes than what you did five years ago or 30 years ago or 20 years ago? You’re not wearing the same shoes or the socks or the underwear. You’re wearing different clothes. You had evolved. You have to go out buy new clothes. You have to go buy new shoes. You have different responsibilities than you did a year ago, five years ago, ten years ago, twenty years ago, thirty years. Unfortunately, most of you are still doing things like you did ten years ago or what you learned at some workshop or some webinar when you first started and you have not involved. The question is, if you started doing something today, would you have the dedication 30 years from now to do something different?

This is one of the most powerful stories I’ve ever heard about. It’s about this guy in India who started planting trees on a sandbar on his country in 1979. As of now, there’s a forest growing there. There is a jungle. A desolate sandbar he grew into a forest over 30 years of planting trees every day, every week, doing something every day. He did not see instant gratification from things. He did not see a rhino grow into his forest or things like that. Now this desolate sandbar that was void of life is now a forest because he did little things on a daily basis. Unfortunately, specifically so much more in the States here, we are spoiled brats that have no patience. We will not invest in anything long-term a lot of times because, “We’re not going to have it this way so I’ll do something else. I’d rather have a cup of coffee from Starbucks. I’ll get to it later. I’d rather watch replays on ESPN.” I am guilty of ESPN. I like sports. I’m not preaching to the choir. I fail on things all the time. One of the things you need to keep in mind is where do you want to be in five years, ten years, twenty years from now? Do you still want to be in that sandbar bitching about not having any life or any deals or any investors or any cashflow? Or do you want start doing the things on a daily basis now to help you get to that point where you do have this amazing lush, green business? I know the answer is yes. We all want to do things, yes. 

The question I asked you, you aren’t doing the things on a daily basis now to go that route. I see this every day. I see it from all of you. Many people aren’t doing the things they knew they needed to do on a daily basis to have that type of success. They’re just out really lazy. Unfortunately, we live in a lazy society. The question I have for you is if you really are interested in changing things, do you have what it takes to be a champion at some point? If you knew that you could work for ten years now and do stuff on a daily basis and be this amazing investor, this amazing, sought-after individual, this amazing expert in your field, would you do it? If you knew that you could get up every morning, wake up and do 25 push-ups and be healthy and never have a heart attack later on, put some money in the bank and have $1 billion later on, would you do it? We all say we would do it but we don’t always do that. We all fall down on the spot doing different things. We are all getting our asses beat by life. We’re all getting knocked in the face and knocked down out before we even get in the ring. What is that ring? That ring is the octagon of life. Why the octagon? I like to look at case studies of things. I like to see where things are going.

One of the things I start thinking about marketing, one of the things I don’t watch a lot of but I think is an absolutely brilliant thing is the mixed martial arts. I think it’s marketing and it’s finance. You don’t have to be an MMA fan but you have to agree that what this company does, what they have done with mixed martial arts and the UFC over the last 20, 30 years has been remarkable. Mixed martial arts really began officially in 1980. They had mixed martial arts overseas, but I’m talking right here in the United States. It really began in 1980. They had different things. I remember in college watching the Ultimate Fighting Championship. It was a precursor, a bloody cursor to that, and that has grown. The UFC, Ultimate Fighting Championship, began in November 12th in 1983. Evander Holyfield was the heavyweight champion of boxing in 1993 and the UFC was this little fledgling flee. They would be fighting in gyms and other things like that. It wasn’t as serious as what it is today at all. They were going against boxing, which Evander Holyfield, the great big champion who’s now got three-fourths of an ear on one side; Evander Holyfield versus Michael Tyson, that kind of stuff. I can remember watching Mike Tyson bite Evander Holyfield’s ear on a pay-per-view thing in 1996. What I’m getting at is if you think about that, we’re talking 1993 which was officially 25 years ago. If I could ask you, who’s the heavyweight boxing champion today? Some of you might be able to say it. I had to look to find out who it was. I didn’t know who it was. Now, you would know probably Floyd Mayweather. He’s a boxer. As far as other boxers out there, it’s not the same thing as far as popularity these days.

You look at the fights and the things that they have, the UFC, Ultimate Fighting Championship, is literally kicking boxing’s butt as far as popularity and draws and pay-per-view things. The UFC has done such a tremendous job to where it’s at today from where it was back in 1993 in overcoming the biggest draw out there, so much that the fans demand that big fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather. Why is it doing so well? It’s because there’s a younger generation that really likes that balance, it’s a possibility. They have more events that have a bigger draw, possibly. Is it be that they’re better marketers? I honestly think it is because of the better marketing aspect of things. If you look back a few years ago, they started doing the whole reality TV series to get people to a contract so they had to do it. Dana White, the guy in-charge of the UFC, is such a great marketer and promoter. He lives and breathes to the point where they got bought now. UFC has a big billion-dollar value to it compared to what it was back in 1993. Who else does things like that? Not many people will do that, when they start off slow, a little flee and keep building every day, getting better every day, having ups and downs and things like that. 

We as real estate investors do. We all do that. We all start off brand new, getting our ass kicked, being a punching bag for other investors a lot of times until we figure things out and get moving on. We’re all fighting to accomplish things. We’re all fighting to find more deals. We’re all fighting to raise more capital. We’re all fighting to grow our network of investors or buyers or sellers. We’re all fighting to become a trusted source in our own circle, our own tribe due to a variety of things. Close more deals, make more money ultimately and do things. A lot of us are like the Rocky thing. We’ve got to figure it out. We’re out there punching raw meat with our bare hands trying to get strong, trying to do something to separate ourselves to the point that we fight and claw and punch our way to the top until we’re champions out there. That champion belt is different for everybody. It’s totally different than everybody else. 

UFC has more marketing avenues due to the internet. They have a lot more internet channels, but boxing has those same channels is what I’m trying to get at. Boxing is doing a shitty job of it. They’re not doing and taking advantage of all the social media and the different marketing avenues that everybody has. They’re just not doing it like we all should. Promoters are doing promotion the way they used to versus the way it’s done today. That’s one of the big things that I see you out there doing. I see a lot of people sitting around and not doing the things they need to do, acting like it’s business as normal from years ago when it’s not. It’s different. If you’re tired of your job, if you’re tired of doing crappy things or being on the road or working for somebody else, you ultimately hold your destiny in your hands. You can choose what you do in your downtime. Are you just sitting and bitching about your situation or are you going to do the things online to market yourself, to market deals, to grow your network? Are you too busy drinking beer at night?

NCS NNA 2 | Marketing Octagon

Marketing Octagon: If you’re tired of your job, if you’re tired of doing crappy things or being on the road or working for somebody else, you ultimately hold your destiny in your hands.

Let’s dive into this. How do you win your championship belt? How’s that bell going to ring for you to grow your belt? Honestly, it’s something that we’re calling the marketing octagon. It’s an eight-sided thing and they all build upon itself. The octagon, if you remember in Roman times, the arch was one of the strongest engineering concepts in place, one of the strongest things out there because it all fell together. I believe that’s how your marketing is supposed to work. I know we’ve talked about using something called the content spider where you had one thing, these little side things off that you can do. No, I don’t believe that. I think a spider is too weak. I think you need to have an octagon where it’s all tied in together. If you get in the habit that you have to do it all together, all works together with things, the better off you’re going to be. I use my trainer as an example. My trainer, Thomas Nee, isn’t old Mickey, if you think about that from Rocky. They will give things to you. You have to break it down to the basics and rebuild you back up again. You’re doing the footwork and the cardio and then the physical lifting and then the running and the diet and the sleep. All of that fits together. That’s why I’m a big believer in the marketing message that you should be delivering today. It’s a marketing octagon because it all comes together.

It may not be the exact same eight things but you have to look at that aspect. I know we don’t want to do eight things, but you need to be doing eight things. A lot of you are like, “I don’t see how that works. I don’t see the impact of it.” You won’t see the impact to it because if you don’t do it, you’re not going to see anything. If you do these things over and over and over and over again, it will ultimately achieve success for you and you will be much further off.  We all have the exact same tools that these big firms have. You have the same why. Unfortunately, some of their whys are maybe more impactful to them to be better to their stockholders than you having a why with your family, your kids, your friends, whatever it is. The why you owe yourself to get your ass of a bad position, pull yourself out of this lane to be better off. 

You are smarter than most people with what you’re doing. If you’re here, you’re probably smarter than most people. The fact that you’re an entrepreneur willing to grow your own business, you’re ultimately smarter than most people that have a job. Why is that? The job shows up for their eight hours. They clock in, they clock out. They don’t give a shit. When I go to events, I see these hedge fund guys talking about the market and stuff like that. They don’t have the same thing on the line that you and I do as investors. We have our money. We have our livelihood on while they’re working for somebody. I like to ask those guys, “How many of these deals have you bought yourself?” “I don’t.” “That tells me something about yourself. You’re not the same pace.” That’s what I’m saying you are smarter than most people.

The question is, why are you not using free tools that are available to you all? Choosing not to use these tools or them is choosing failure, because everything I have on here is basically free for you. If you’re not using this on a regular basis, you’re really choosing failure and I don’t care. You can’t use the excuse, “I don’t know how to use it.” You don’t know how to use it because you’re not going out and playing around with it for a little bit. You’re like, “I’m more of a one-on-one person.”  That’s the old way of doing business. If you want to do that, great, but I’m going to blow by you. Anybody else using the tools out there is going to punch you in the face because you’re still doing businesses old. The one-to-many facet is today’s business model to grow your network, to close more deals and raise more capital. It’s all got to be about that in mind. You have to worry about getting the word out to the masses, not just the one-on-one. You need to quit worrying about, “There’s that one person I may say something bad.” Screw them, forget about it. It’s all about creating conversations. The one-to-the-many is all about that turnaround and creating individual conversations once you’ve gotten the word out. 

Let’s go through an octagon. I’ll give you the step by steps, the high points, of what you need to focus on. This is different than what we’ve done before, “Scott’s talking about the same old thing.” No, I’m not. If you have not posted something in the last twelve hours or the last day or specifically over the last weekend, this is about you. If you’re calling yourself a real estate investor but aren’t posting things on a regular basis or growing your business on a regular basis, this is all about you. You better strap in, tell your friend, your drinking buddies or turn the TV off, turn your email off, and pay attention. It’s about to get real open here. Just hang on as we go through this. This message is good for any type of real estate, any type of entrepreneurship out there. This is literally to help you all make things happen. 

The biggest thing when you get a real estate deal or a note deal or whatever it is, is get a freaking decent photo. That could be either your realtor taking the photo, something off of a previous MLS listing or you using a Google Street maps view. I don’t care if you’re cash-strapped. Deals come first because good deals will find you money. This will be the idea that you have zero money to fund this deal. If you’re like, “I don’t have the money,” then you need this more than anything else. You start with the deals. Start with a photo. I got a photo of a property in Inkster, Michigan, 3517 Moore Street. This is a vacant property where the borrower walked away. It’s basically now an REO. What’s the first thing you should do to market this? You’ve got a photo and we have added two little things by going to Canva.com and just put, “REO Property in Inkster.” If you don’t have Canva, you could do this in Paint. Every computer has Paint. Basically, I just did a screenshot there from Google Maps photo. It’s a good photo, great, decent property, awesome. The first thing you want to do since you’ve got this is post it to Instagram. That’s number one in our marketing octagon. You want to have it featured with hot buttons. That means hot comments like, “30% fair market value property or 18% ROI in a rental.” You want to use a short description and you want to use hashtags. Why do you want to use hashtags? Hashtags specifically using #realestate, #REO, #invest, #cashflow, #SDIRA. I like to use #WeCloseNotes as well. That allows other people on Instagram who are looking for real estate, they can type in #realestate as a search and find anybody that something posts on this. 

NCS NNA 2 | Marketing Octagon

Marketing Octagon: The whole idea is just to get the conversation started or make the conversation.

Let me give you an example. On my Instagram, I have a page in Fynanc. This is from George Antone‘s. This is not bad but you see here, #finance, #financialhealth, #financialeducation, #millionairemindset, #socialmedia #smm. George is hoping and his marketing staff that anybody who’s looking for legacy #family who looks for searches is going to find his post into that. Let’s just do a hashtag. There are 11,000,971 posts that say #realestate. That’s a lot of posts. You come across the top posts most likely, but I like to go down in the most recent ones. I like to get into conversations with people, so I’ll like that one. I’ll also follow up if I see something that makes sense. I’m going to go and follow them because I occasionally will come across deals up in Connecticut. The whole idea is just to get the conversation started or make the conversation. “Sold. Equity is an ugly piece of property.” This is a great one here, #equitydeal, #realestate, #realestateagent. “Rancho drive deal was finally confirmed. This deal fell apart two times, patience for the first big deal.” I can put a picture of that deal in here and do the same hashtags. 

Just get it sharing out there. Get it out and use the hashtags for other people that are looking for the same conversations to come across your post. I posted one that was funny, talking about commercial at We Close Notes office, one of our closets. Just a funny photo I took. I had literally 20 likes on it. I clicked on the people that liked me. I don’t follow up on it. I thought I did. Find Fun Flipping Stuff, I’ll join them. I’ll start following them. The idea is to grow your network. I’ve grown my network from that to make things happen. I post on there. It’s the first part of posting, just to get the word out to what people are doing. That’s the easiest thing you do. First thing you do, taking your photo and posting it to Instagram. Use some of the things in there that attract other people. Not just, “I got this three-bedroom, two-bath, 1,500-square foot house.” Use the hashtag, #cashflow, #rental, #Michigan #rentals. You also want to post it a couple of times throughout the day. I don’t believe posting first thing in the morning is the best thing to do. I’m a bigger believer of posting at noon or 3:00 or 7:00 or even 9:00 at night when people are sitting in bed looking at their phones or watching TV, getting ready to go to bed. The later the day actually works better on Instagram. Use this several times if you have different photos of the property. 

The easiest number two thing in the octagon is to post it to Google Plus with the exact same thing, with photo, the exact same description about the deal, the exact same hashtags. I know many people are like, “Why Google Plus? It’s worthless.” It’s not the same type of interaction that you have on Facebook or Instagram. I totally agree with that, but who owns Google Plus? It’s not a hard thing. You post there so that people will see it because Google will keep it going. I’ll give you a great example. A couple of years ago, Lori Davidson, one of our Mastermind members, was here in Austin. She had hired somebody a year before that to write an article on a couple of deals in Atlanta. We did a search for Atlanta real estate deals and her article from a year ago that they posted to Google Plus popped up and is still on the first page. Just go ahead and post it there. Some people argue with you, but it’s owned by Google and Google loves native content with stuff, so it ranks you in the thing there. Do that. If you post to Google Plus, make sure you put your website in there as well. Basically, the reason you’re posting there is just simply for SEO optimization. I guarantee, that’s why you’re there for. When you see something and be like, “No,” but if you post enough deals on Google Plus, it will start ranking you at the top of the first pages and you’ve got a great photo. Google loves photos. There is not anything that you cannot use to automate everything we’re going to talking about. You could use Hootsuite or Buffer to set it up to automate your post throughout the day, you can do that. Nichole loves Buffer here in the office, so she’s constantly adding things to it throughout the day on different deals. If you’ve got a Google Plus business page, post it to both or you can have a VA do it. 

What you want to come out across to really punch people in the face is this next aspect. You’ve got a great little image. Use Canva. It will help you maximize your size and add some features to it to make it look nice. I would totally create a deal video on Facebook Live. Pull your smartphone out, go to your Facebook page, hit Live. Last time I did a short little deal video on Facebook Live in a workshop in December, I had 30 people reached out to me even though it was a fake deal, “We want to fund that deal.” I’m like, “It’s a fake deal.” “Put me down for the next deal.” Easy to do. You want to keep it short, make it two to five minutes. The way they come across effectively is to outline what you’re going to say, “Here’s a property. Here’s where it’s at. Here’s a little bit of the story. Here’s the rent rate.” Just go through the points and keep it short and sweet. I was on a Quest IRA thing on and one of the presenters I logged in and listened to said, “Ah, ah, ah,” every second between a comment. It was horrible. Not a smart thing to do, but you all do it. You don’t want to be “Ah, ah, ah.” If you are, don’t worry about the first time, you’re going to suck so just embrace it.

Do a short little video, it doesn’t have to be long, just your face, “I’ve got this great deal.” You do it yourself behind a dry-erase board behind you. Use your phone to film it. You don’t need fancy equipment. You don’t need a fancy $1,000 camera. Just use your freaking smartphone or your Android, very easy to do. Let’s not make having to learn a new piece of equipment a barrier to entering this because everybody should be doing this. Once you filmed it on your Facebook page, go out and share it. Share it to other real estate groups, share it to other note groups, share it to real estate one-on-one or the 713 Houston Real Estate page, or to the Andrew McDaniel’s Note Buyers page. Share it to other Facebook groups. You can do that, easy to do. When you go into your videos on Facebook videos, it will ask you to pick the thumbnail that you want to use, the image or if you like to upload one. Use the photo that you created for Instagram and Google Plus as your thumbnail for that. What you can do with that, if it’s a Facebook Live, you just go in and do a credit custom ad to custom audiences on Facebook. Do it for $10 a day for seven days, spend $70, or $5 a day for $35. Create a custom ad to either your custom audiences if you’ve uploaded or create a custom audience.

NCS NNA 2 | Marketing Octagon

Marketing Octagon: The reason why you want to use the Instagram thing is you want to have less than 25% text in your article.

If you need to create a custom audience, here’s what I do. Make sure they’re 35 to 65, college educated, homeowners who have an interest in real estate or notes. I would maybe create two-custom audiences, one located in your deals area. If it’s in Inkster, Michigan, I would do it around Detroit or Michigan or doing somewhere around your local area here, Austin or Texas. You want to try to see if you can identify people that are making $75,000 or more a year. That’s going to be basically your avatar of what you wanted, that’s your basic information on your specific target, and label it, “It’s my Michigan area avatar or it’s my Ohio or it’s my Austin,” and then you should promote to those people. One thing you want to make sure, the reason why you want to use the Instagram thing is you want to have less than 25% text in your article. You want to make the thumbnail image all about the property. Save the description of the deal in the content. Don’t put it on the photo. It won’t let you deliver. It will kill your ad. 

A Facebook Live video, and then how do you download? I’ll give you an example. I go to my Facebook page and I do a Facebook Live. I just go over to my page at home, and where it says More, you see Videos as the next one. Just click on the videos, and then Videos of You. I want Your Video so you click on Your Videos, and you see all the Facebook Lives you’re doing for a podcast. Click on one, click under the edit thing like our webinar from Bob Malecki. We’ll edit the video and pick the thumbnail. Some will have three thumbnails, some will have longer, it depends on the situation. Where was this video taken? Austin, Texas. Put a little information about your deal video in. Choose a file or captions, you don’t really need that. The beautiful thing is in this video, you can tag people, Bob Malecki. Where is this video taken? You can tag the area, WeCloseNotes.com. Some really great little things to do. Make it public and it’s safe. What I can also do with this video is once I’ve got my Facebook Live video in there, I can download this video too. I can go back to my video page. I just go back to where we saw those videos, More Videos, Your Videos, Edit, Download in SD or HD. I click download and now I have an MP4 video that’s downloading.

That takes us to the next thing. Put it on YouTube. Download your Facebook Live video, upload it to your YouTube channel. YouTube is your number four thing in your octagon. Upload to your YouTube channel, real easy to do. You can use your description and points that you’ve covered your Instagram account as your initial description. One big thing about YouTube is in your descriptions, you want to make sure and put your website as the first little article, along with your actual description then hashtags and keywords. You can put a variety of keywords to help drive traffic. If somebody goes to YouTube and types in Scott Carson, they come across my videos. I use #notes, #ScottCarson, #cashflow, #rental, #DonnaBauer, #residential, #foreclosures, #shortsales. I put all those as keywords or hashtags when it asks for hashtags. I try to get as many in there as I possibly can so somebody who’s looking and searching for somebody else saying fix and flip, they may see my video pop up on their thing. It’s the same thing that you can do. “Scott, what if I sell some of these other deals?” Post the damn deal. Use this deal as 24 hours, seven days a week advertising.

The great thing you can do as well is you want to get the video transcribed. You can go to Rev.com. You’re going to love this. We got this down here. What I do now is I just go over to Rev.com. If your videos are five minutes long, it’s going to cost you $1 a minute to transcribe it. Transcription is $1 a minute. If you want to have them do captions, they’ll do captions and subtitles as well for $1. I don’t really think you need that right now. Basically, just upload the file and place your order. If you’ve got a five-minute video, upload file directly from it and it’s downloading. Just click on it or paste the URL if you want to go to it and just use the URL from YouTube, put that in there, they’ll go out and do it. They’ll do the transcription. Shorter videos get really quick turnaround times. What happens is you get a transcription back of your video that same day or the next day. Go back into YouTube and upload your five-minute transcription into YouTube in the description. That will help drive SEO, that will help make your YouTube video stand out from the rest because then we can type in keyword. Some simple little lingo you use literally in your video may drive people to your video. This is what has helped us with our podcasts. We throw the video up there, they get transcribed, and then they put the description up on our blog and it drives a lot of feedback. There are a lot of views off it. They’re simple things that you can use. As far as costs to this point, it doesn’t cost anything on your Instagram account, it doesn’t cost anything for Google Plus, it doesn’t cost anything for a YouTube video or a YouTube post. The only thing we’re talking about now is the $5 cost for your Rev thing. If it’s two minutes, it’s just $2. 

What you want to do is go back, upload your transcription to YouTube video description, and then you want to go back over to Google Plus and repost your YouTube video. Use the link from YouTube to post that to Google Plus, but put the transcription in the description part of things. It will boost traffic to that aspect on Google Plus, SEO optimization. We’re talking copy-paste, not difficult at all for you. Very simple, copy and paste them for the most part. They will send you a Word doc with the transcription. We don’t really spend time editing on it, just copy-paste. You may want to look at the numbers, make sure it’s accurate. Honestly, very easy. We’re talking a few clicks and paste here. You don’t have to create anything.

The one thing you’re really creating is the high points in your Facebook Live video, “I have this great deal in Inkster, Michigan. It’s three-bedroom, two-bath, two-storey house. It was a note deal where the borrower walked away from it, so we took the property back. Rent’s for $800 a month. It’s worth about $40,000. We’re ruling ourselves to get $25,000 right now. It’s a good ROI, needs a little bit of work, roughly about $5,000 to get it updated into rent-ready in Michigan. All the appliances are in there. If you want to do this, check out WeCloseNotes.com. Drop me an email at Scott@WeCloseNotes.com. We’ll make sure to get you in touch with our realtor or give you the lock box code so you can go out and take a look at it.” It’s something simple, nothing difficult. Just share the short description, two to five minutes. All of you can do that based on the spreadsheets you get. You don’t have to be an awesome performer on video. You could literally just print the big picture up, paste it to the wall, and then film you showing the video. George Crocker did that. He printed out a picture of the property, crossed out the address and marker and did a video. It worked well. I’m not going to talk about where to find the deals. That’s not what this webinar is about. If you want to talk about finding the deals, that’s another webinar we do. We’re not going to go through everything in one show. This is all about marketing octagon.

Now you want to link up with others. What you want to do is go to your LinkedIn page, which is free. The free version is fine. Create a short update on your LinkedIn profile. It’s number five for you. Go to LinkedIn, go to home, “I’ve got this great house in Inkster, Michigan that we took back.” You put the image. I will upload and throw my picture up on there or I can put the video link on my computer. I can upload the video too if I want to do the deal there. It’s really easy to do. You need to do two things with LinkedIn. You need to do a little short thing with an image, and then you need to go over here and then actually write an article. Writing an article is not difficult. All you’re going to do is copy and paste. When I say by writing an article, it’s going to take you over here, put the image, put the headline, “Great ROI on Inkster, Michigan Property,” something catchy and then copy-paste your Rev transcription there, and then put a link to the video on your YouTube account below there. It’s very, very simple, and then publish.

NCS NNA 2 | Marketing Octagon

Marketing Octagon: Now you want to link up with others.

Those two things on LinkedIn are what you want to do. Just post a quick update and then go back and write an article with a little bit more information as well. The reason we’re going to do both is for a couple of reasons. You’re going to use your Instagram image as your photo because it’s worked well. It’s branding itself. You want to share that article to the large real estate groups on LinkedIn. You can go and join customers. I’m part of a couple groups. One has 700,000 investors, another one has 198,000 investors. I’ll go show the article. I’ll copy-paste my article over to it. I want people to see that. A good thing is if you have other photos of the asset, it’s great to put those below there, “Here’s the inside, here’s the back view, here’s the street view,” whatever photos you might have from your realtor. They don’t have to be fancy but at least throw some other photos if you’ve got it. If you don’t have it, no biggie, but make sure you use other information. The beautiful thing is this is going to help asset managers see your past deals. You’re reaching out to other asset managers. They’re going to go to your LinkedIn profile page because they all do that, and they click on there and say, “They’ve done these other deals. They are serious.” It builds your rapport. It builds your expertise level with asset managers from banks so they see you’re just not some joker broker. You’re actually doing deals. It’s a great, great thing for you. 

The next thing you do is then go over to Meetup and meet up with others. Go to Meetup.com. Join Meetup groups in your deals area. It’s the number six side of your octagon. If we need to find something in Inkster Michigan, we go to Inkster, Michigan real estate groups and post there. Most of your real estate groups you’ll need to join, which is free, and they’ll have either a discussion board or even a mailing list. I recommend that you do both. You go basically to the discussion board, copy-paste from Rev transcription, take your Instagram image, you’ve got to link from your YouTube video, and put it all in a post on the Meetup message board. If the Meetup group also has a mailing list, grab that email, send an email out to that mailing list with the same information. If I joined a list as Scott@WeCloseNotes.com, I’m going to send it from Scott@WeCloseNotes.com. A simple email, “I’ve got a great deal here in the Inkster area. I’m looking if there’s any investors interested in this deal. Here’s a picture of the property. Here’s a breakdown on the deal flow. Here are some photos.” Posting to the message boards, they won’t always allow you to upload photos unless it’s in the group already. That’s why you want to have the deal video, that’s why it’s important to upload the YouTube link and post it in there and share that in there so they can click on it and see it and go from there.  

The tricky thing is there are a lot of people in California that are investing in other parts of the country. You might want to go to join large groups in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco or Orange County, California, and post the same thing to those discussion boards or mailing out to those mailing lists to get people that have cash but don’t have a deal flow. A lot of them will fund or buy or become funding partners or joint venture partners with you on either that deal or future deals. You can find Meetup groups by just going to Meetup.com. Create a profile, it’s free. Type in what type of groups you’re looking for in the area. Then you want to join groups that have large most active, and then also the most number of members are the two things you can clarify. You’ll find groups that have 5,000 people in it. Think about posting to discussion boards and sending out to the mailing list, sending out one email or 5,000 messages to active real estate investors, very, very powerful and free to do; no cost yet.

Next thing you want to do is take your Instagram image and literally post it to Twitter. Twitter.com may not be around in five years but there’s still a tremendous amount of people using it on a regular basis. The thing that’s tricky about Twitter is you only have 160 characters, so that’s why you want a good image or the link to the video in there and use a short description. You’re going to have to probably shrink down your description to something that makes sense. You’re going to have to use effective hashtags to really have people see that. You may want to use the hashtag of the city, whether it’s #Detroit or #Inkster, #realestate, #rental, #fixandflip. You’ve got a limited amount of information, so what you have to do with Twitter is you may want to create a Buffer account which is free. Hootsuite users get a free account. Schedule your Twitter, your Instagram or Facebook posts at different times. You can literally go in and set a lot of this stuff up to automate for you. 

You can also go and post the information to Pinterest, which is our number eight thing and use the hashtags as well on a real estate board out there. That’s definitely important. That’s seven and eight so you’ve got your octagon. Posting there is an easy thing to do. I would post multiple times throughout the day on Twitter because it’s a first come, first serve feed. Posting morning, afternoon, evening, a couple of times using different hashtags of the same post can help you get things done. Some people go, “Don’t post the same thing.” I think you honestly need to, especially in the real estate arena if you’re trying to help use it. I’ve raised capital, I’ve found investors, I connected with people on Twitter just because they use the #realestate. We have about 19,000 followers on there. 

The last thing of this, because you’ve perfected a lot of your marketing and tweaked it, is doing a mass email to the masses. Create an email on this deal flow sheet. Setting up your customer relationship manager, whether it’s MailChimp or Constant Contact, those are more email service providers. I use Infusionsoft as a CRM tool. This is number nine. Maybe you don’t want to post to Pinterest or Twitter. You can sub that in by getting an email out to your database. I think email definitely needs to be always one of the eight things that you do. You’ve heard this before. You use your Instagram image, your YouTube video link and your Rev transcription to help you write your email. Send an email out, copy-paste. An important thing, this is all for a referral code or referral fee, a wholesale fee, “Somebody can help me find a buyer for this one? I’ll pay you $500 or $1,000 for a buyer or funding source.” It’s very easy to do. A lot of people will do it, “Make $500 if you help me sell this asset.” 

If you’re using MailChimp, you get a paid account. If you have more than 2,000 connections, go ahead and sign up for the paid account. It has a really cool feature that allows for you to use something called Timewarp when you’re scheduling your email. You can send it out to the best time that your contacts open their emails. You have to do this at least 24 hours prior to the email going out. Say I’m writing my email on a Sunday night and want it to go out Monday afternoon. I’ll pick the best time Monday for me to send my email out to my connections. If they’re in different time zones, if it’s 10:00 in the morning, I’ll send it at 10:00 on the East Coast, Central, Mountain and Pacific. It sends out at four different types zones. It’s really, really cool to do that, and it does help to really increase your open rates. 

NCS NNA 2 | Marketing Octagon

Marketing Octagon: Go back in and hit replicate that email and go ahead and set it up to go out 48 hours later to the people that didn’t open the first email.

Another thing that you want to do after you wrote your first email and you’ve hit send or schedule, immediately go back in and hit replicate that email and go ahead and set it up to go out 48 hours later to the people that didn’t open the first email. You can set that all up and you can customize your list. Send it to the people that didn’t open the first email. It’s very easy to do. It saves you having to log back in and get tied up with having to do it again. It can take you literally about 20 seconds to hit replicate an email and set it up at two hours later or two days later. Pre-write it and schedule your second email after writing the first one. Get it done now and I guarantee this is where most people fall down. Somewhere around 18% to 20% are going to open your first email, and you’ll get about another 6% to 12% in the second time you send it out if you follow the schedule. Keep in mind, as you’re sending the first email to go out at 11:00 in the morning, send the other one to go out later in the day. If you send out at 11:00 Central Standard Time, send the one out two days later at 3:00 Standard Time, so flip flop. One is going out in the morning, you send the other one out in the afternoon and evening, and send it out in the morning. Do not send it out at middle of the night or 4:00 in the morning. Send it out at 10:00 11:00. It’s often the affable time or 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon. There are plenty of videos out there with MailChimp to help you write your emails. 

You don’t have to recreate the wheel. You just have to set up some of the things. It’s good to have a logo. You want to have your face on the email as well somewhere on the side there. The more you do this, “Checkout or our most recent deal available, or check out our deal that’s available. It’s available for sale.” The most difficult thing with MailChimp is going to be setting up your first email because it’s going to suck. It’s going to take some time. Honestly, this is the biggest bang for your buck. The reason we do this as number eight or number nine is you’ve already created the content through your Instagram, your Facebook Live, your YouTube, your Rev videos, so that you have all the stuff that you need to write an effective email. You’re not going to be a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, but it’s going to get the word out of what you’re doing. How do you get your email list? If you’re on LinkedIn, you can export your LinkedIn connections. If you’ve gone to an event and network at real estate clubs, you pull your business cards. Pretty easy to do to get an email list. 

Another thing is you want to use your words. We use WordPress for our website. A website has been a big question. If you go, “I need a website.” We use WordPress, other people use Wix. You need to have a website in today’s business. There are some big things about your website. You want to make sure and have your social media links there where they can click on it and go to your social media profiles. What happens a lot of time, somebody sees an article on Facebook, they click on it and they see your website, so they clicked on it and they’re taken to your website. A lot of you need to have opt-ins so people can opt-in to your website. They’ll see your social media links and clicked on them, “I want to stalk you on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter. You’ve got a YouTube channel. Let me click on the YouTube channel and see what’s going on there.” It all works together as we talked about, the octagon pulling it all in so it’s tight. Use your http like I have. www.WeCloseNotes.com is the first words we put in our YouTube videos and our Vimeo videos. They see that, they can click on it. The fact that we use http://, that makes it a clickable link. If we just put WeCloseNotes.com, that’s not a clickable link. Another important thing with your website, you want to have opt-ins. I’ll go on my email list, have something that drives traffic. When people go to our website, “Buy deals. You want to buy notes? Just click on register. You want to learn about our Mastermind, click on there. Get trained.” They clicked on it and they get in. They’re basically determining what they want from us versus going into a generic opt-in thing.

Use a deal out there from a tape, “I’ve got a deal I’m working through. I need some help.” You don’t need to give away the address. You can use your RSS feeds or your YouTube or social media accounts to feed into a lot of your websites. We have a link on there. Nichole did this with our website. If you go to WeCloseNotes.com, it pops our website; Home, About, Training, Blog, Podcast, Contact, Search. You see Sign up for: Buy Notes, Virtual Class, Mastermind. Those get things opt-in. We have about five to ten people a day. Our latest blogs, this is just an RSS feed from our blog where it automatically loads up. Note Night in America, every Monday at 7:00 PM. Nichole put that so people clicking on that and they get plugged into this very, very easy. Send out for the Virtual, we have different events that we’re going to, start investing, and then we have our social media things down the bottom. I would actually prefer these to be further up, but it works with what we got going on here. Click on here and learn more things about what we got going on. Basically an RSS feed is where you will get the link. An RSS feed will automatically refresh the latest articles or the latest videos. It’s very, very easy to get to add and import into your website. 

A website is worthless if you don’t create content to feed people to it. You could have the greatest website available, but if you’re not creating videos or blogs or posting to social media or other things, nobody’s going to see your website. Nobody sees your website and click on it to take them to you. A website is great. You’ve got to have it these days, but you’ve got to have something that people click on to get there. That could be your deals, it could be your social media, it could be your videos. One of our biggest referrers is our videos on YouTube and Vimeo. It feeds a lot of people on our website because they come across it, they find a video we’re talking about or a webinar, click on our website, it takes them there, “I want to learn how to buy notes. I want to join the Mastermind. I want to buy deals.” Simple things.

Look at the assets you have on these tapes and things like that and break it down and say, “I’m looking for funding. I’ve got this great deal. Here’s a property in Michigan. Here’s a property in Columbus, Ohio.” That’s not hard to do. Use the real deal so you know what you’re talking about. Use the screenshot from the Google Drive, and edit it up and use it, “Here’s a deal I’m working on.” Not that you closed on it but say, “Here’s the deal that I’m working on.” Do all the due diligence on it. One of the things we ask when people opt-in to our website or the webinars is we ask for the cell phone numbers. We all know that the smartphone today is the television of years ago. This is where most people get their news and message from. We ask for their cell phone numbers so we can get their right number so if we want to, we can send them a text update or I can take the list and do a voice drop, “You’ve got a deal in your neck of the woods or we’ve got a new deal that we’re working.” It’s very, very easy to do. You also want to make sure if you’ve got a website that you go and check to see if it’s mobile optimized and fast loading. If you’ve got a lot of photos on there, you may need to shrink your photos down or optimize your photo. It’s pretty easy relatively to do. Not hard to do at all. Sometimes we had some big photos on there, really high-def photos that were taking longer for our website to load. We can check out text messaging services. Many of you guys have texted the word Notes into 72-000. We used a company called Mobit for that. Infusionsoft also has a different company called Fix Your Funnel. Text the word Notes into 484-535-1600 or something like that. Text messaging is a really great way.

I graduated from college in August of 2001 and I started working for Verizon Wireless in March of that year. I was one of the top salesman. They started having digital packages attached to your phone. I remember getting mobile web on your phone used to cost $6.95 a month. Text messaging package is $3 for 50 text messages in. We all use it so much now than we used to beforehand. We’re going to be using a lot of text messaging servicing this year to get the message out because with Mobit I could set up and create a nice funnel or picture, “Here’s a deal in your neck of the woods. Do you want to jump into this? Do you want to buy it?” We’ve got some really cool things we’re going to be doing because we can take our information from our contact list that we’ve asked people to tell, “What are your top three markets?” As we get deals in those markets, we can send a direct text message to people’s phone, “We’ve got a deal in one of your top three markets.” It’s a really cool thing that we’re working through.

NCS NNA 2 | Marketing Octagon

Marketing Octagon: One thing I realized is six-pack abs doesn’t come in six minutes. This is not going to happen in six minutes.

One thing I realized is six-pack abs doesn’t come in six minutes. This is not going to happen in six minutes. You’re not going to be the best at what you do the first time you do it. This is something you’ve got to do over and over and over and over again. The first time you work out, “My abs or my stomach hurts. My arms are so sore.” There are times I’ve walked out of the gym like, “I can’t shave today or I’m glad I shaved this morning because I can’t shave. I need a straw to drink.” You’re going to get better and you’re going to get stronger at what you do. If you aren’t doing anything right now or you’re refusing to do it because you’re a lazy ass, you really should not have success. Success in today’s market is all about those that go that extra step, to do a little bit more. 10% more gives you exponential growth. If you want to do something, work to create one deal octagon. Do it. Create one deal octagon. Get it going here. Challenge yourself to get this stuff done in the next seven days. You all can do this. All of you can do a Facebook Live video. All of you can upload it to YouTube. All of you can send an email out to your database. All of you can find a deal. It will get easier, you will get faster at it, and you will see results if you keep doing it. You may not see immediate results in the first one or the second one or the third one. 80% of sales are made through the fifth contact. You’ve just got to do this a multitude of times, but you will get better. You will see results. Here’s a thing that we’ve done in the past in plenty of things, and we will probably do a little bit more for this year, is we’ll take that Instagram image and go over to Vistaprint or Postcard Mania and create a postcard of the deal. A little tip here, just print it off and they will give you 25 to 50 postcards for free the first time you do it.

One of the things that would work really well is maybe you go out and you pull a list of self-directed IRA investors off the county records. We’ve showed you how to do that in the past. What would you pull the records for? As self-directed IRA investors, they go to the county appraisal district, the city-owned property in the area, “We’ve got a deal in your neck of the woods.” You may have sold that deal off but if you send a postcard out to them, you’ve got 30, 40, 50 other people in the neck of the woods. I guarantee if you’ve given them your website or an email or a phone number to opt into, I guarantee they almost all will because they’re all looking for deals. I get deals sent to me by way of postcards, and I always take the people to call me on my property, I put their email and phone number in my database. If you want to send those postcards out to IRA investors not in your area but your deal area, that’s the same thing. Maybe you want to send it to people here locally. I don’t buy anything here in Austin but I’ll send a postcard, “We just closed on this deal. Do you want to find out how we picked up the $60,000-property for $14,000 and get a 30% ROI on the cashflow? Give me a phone call.”

The most important thing is you have to realize you’re investing not for today or tomorrow, but for the future. By the future, I’m not talking 30 years. I’m not talking a year from now. Maybe a little bit a year from now. There are a lot of you out there who’ve watched me for three months, six months, twelve months before you reached out to do anything, and that’s totally fine. You all can do that same thing. That deal in Inkster, I probably won’t raise any money off it for the next week or the next month, but I probably will in the next 90 days or the next quarter. The thing to keep in mind is if I don’t ever do anything, I’ll have no success. If I do something and I get one person to respond on that, one person is exponentially greater than zero. The whole idea of this is to keep punching. Maybe some of you should print out the marketing octagon images, a target of what you’re doing. You can run it around. It makes a really easy thing, “We did an email. Let’s do the WordPress or maybe we can do something else. Did we post it to Meetup? Did we do a video?” There’s a whole variety of things you can be doing.

Right now, I have 1,900 followers on Instagram. Through keywords, I can find a lot more people versus just the people that follow me. On Facebook, I have 34,000 on my business page and another 5,000 in my personal page. There are groups that I’m a part of with over 100,000 people. Why would I not want to connect to them? Why would I not want to fish in those bigger pools and what’s in my own immediate circle? In LinkedIn, I have about 11,500 followers but I am a part of groups, where one group has over 700,000 investors. Why would I not want to post to those? YouTube, 24-hours a day, seven days a week advertising. The second largest search engine in the world is YouTube. Post stuff there, people will find you. On Twitter, I got 18,000 plus, hundreds of thousands if not, millions of people that follow us in keyword search just like Instagram. I’m a part of Meetup groups that if combined have literally over 60,000 investors that I can mail out to or post to the discussion board. Why would I not want to have the one-to-the-many conversations there? Pinterest, Google, just to click to add a deal flow. Why would I not want to have that stuff working out there for me 24 hours a day, seven days a week? Honestly, if you’ve got a really good picture of your property, Pinterest is really good, “That’s so cute” syndrome a lot of people get. 

I’ve grown my email list over the last fifteen years. I grew it at one business card, one contact and one webinar at a time. I’m here today because literally in 2004 when I started working for somebody else, I knew that at some point I would not be Scott Carson who works and ask for my funding. I will be Ariel Capital, the mortgage company. I will be Scott Carson, this Scott Carson. Many of you can do that. Many of you can be the Adam Yaeggers, the Anthony Uvas, the Austin Pane, the Bill Griesmers, the Bob Bollingers, the Boyd Mcleans, the Brad Cowgills, the Christina Fullers, the Clifton Sadlers, the Desi Arnaz’, the Donald Martins, the Don Lucios that people turn to when they need help in real estate. I don’t care where you’re at today. Have you started yesterday? If you started a year ago and you’re not any further along, shame on you.  Many of you can take big leaps by doing simple things that don’t cost a lot of money. 

Most of our marketing doesn’t cost us hardly anything at all because we use these tools and we have spent time messing around with it. If your sole focus was to add one investor per day, you could do that. You could go out to a REI club meeting, maybe meet 30 investors in one month. Over a year you’re going to have maybe 365 new investors. Hopefully if you did that for ten years, you have 3,600 people to invest with. If you use social media, it will exponentially 10X your business for you. One post, maybe you meet 300 new investors in one month. Maybe at the end of the year, you’ve got 3,600 new investors from your social media followers, people that look at you in social media. You all can do that. People that follow you and connect with you on LinkedIn, it can be done. At the end of ten years, you’ve got a following of 36,000 investors, funders, a much larger tribe, because you started marketing in 21st century numbers not the old way of doing things.

We all know what happens when you keep busting your butt, busting your butt, busting your butt. You take it one step at a time, one step at a time, and what eventually happens, you’re standing on top, arm raised, doing some big things. You overcame problems and you’re now wearing that championship belt around your waist because you work smart. You are coachable. You did what the other guy wasn’t willing to do to be the best at what you could possibly be. Unfortunately, many people out there are only doing a fraction of what they could be doing, and that’s why they’re seeing a fraction of the amount of success, the amount of deals, the amount of capital raised, and ultimately a fracture of the money they should be making. Honestly, if you don’t believe in what I’m talking about, then you probably should go do something else. I am not the person for you then. This is the most important facet of what we do on a daily basis, the marketing side. It totally is. 

NCS NNA 2 | Marketing Octagon

Marketing Octagon: You overcame problems and you’re now wearing that championship belt around your waist because you work smart.

We have a question, “Can you hire VAs to help you with all of that stuff?”

Yes, but you’ve still got to show them the way and show them what to do. I know I gave you a full contact list, a buffet of punches to the face, a buffet in the octagon. Hopefully, it was helpful. If you’re listening on iTunes or Stitcher or any of those, thank you for listening. Drop me an email at Scott@WeCloseNotes.com and we’ll be glad to help to get a special prize for you for listening. Have a wonderful day. Go make something happen this week. I look forward to hopefully seeing you all at the top.

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