EP NNA 113 – Your Financial Independence Number – It’s Closer Than You Think

NNA 113 | Financial Independence Number

  If you want to leave your job, replace your spouse’s income, or retire, having a game plan is critical. So what does your financial independence number need to be? Today, Scott Carson breaks down the 25X theory for retirement and how you can reverse engineer the monthly income needed for retirement by focusing on buying one note a month for 24-33 months to achieve $150K a year on autopilot. — Watch the episode here … Read More

EP 624 – 10×10 Pro: Creating Massive Income, Contribution, And Fulfillment With Real Estate Investor, Bill Barnett

NCS 624 | 10x10 Pro

  Do you want to become a 10×10 pro, earning $10,000 a month in passive income? Then this episode is perfect for you. Scott Carson talks with long time real estate investor and speaker, Bill Barnett, about this 10×10 model to create massive income, massive contribution, and massive fulfillment with your real estate investing. They also discuss the current market, the power of having Uncle Sam as your client and tenant, and why coachable investors find … Read More

EP NNA 69 – Finding Funding Partners For Your Real Estate Deals In Five Simple Steps With Dave Dubeau

NNA 69 | Find Funding Partners

  Are you tired of chasing qualified investors to fund your deals? Then turn it the other way around and let them come calling to you. Real estate entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker, and investor attraction expert Dave Dubeau joins Scott Carson in this Note Night in America episode to discuss his simple five-step plan to raise capital for real estate deals. He shares his best practices to attract potential investors, especially in a difficult time like … Read More