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The Note Closers Show Podcast covers everything you don’t know about real estate investing today. Scott Carson, CEO of We Close Notes, interviews experts in the note investing field, including vendors he works with, and students he has trained. Prepare to be educated and entertained on the secrets of how you can control millions of dollars worth of property for pennies on the dollar, through investing in distressed real estate notes. Scott and his students have each closed thousands of deals, all over the United States. Listen each week to stay on top of the latest developments in note investing, how to get to the right people, avoid the wrong people, get the inside track on buying from the banks, find the notes you are looking for, negotiate the best price, and make the high returns you deserve. You don’t even need to use your own money!




Episode Blogs

NCS 675 | Side Hustle
  Join in as Scott Carson shares the ways to start your side hustle and transform that into your full-time success. Learn how to create a plan of action and runway to help you find success as a note or real estate investor. Listen to this episode as Scott shares his best practices and why it’s important to start with the end in mind. Learn how to identify KPIs to help you map your way
  Did you know that there’s a tool available to help you stay on track and consistent with your note business? Today, Scott Carson breaks down what goes into the 30X30 Marketing Matrix and how you can go from a failing grade to getting an A! He shares and dissects what activities you need to be doing daily, weekly, and monthly to help you grow your note business. Take note as he gives practical tips
NCS 674 | Notes From Banks
  Thinking that you can’t buy notes from banks is a very misconception. It is entirely possible to buy notes from banks as long as you know where to look, who to contact, and how to contact them. In this episode of the Note Closers Show, Scott Carson discusses how to get banks to sell you notes and which banks will and won’t sell one-offs to you. He also lists the different ways to find
NCS 673 | Driving Results
  Never be embarrassed to learn from someone, a mentor or coach, that can guide you through the first part of your journey. Join your host Scott Carson as he talks with real estate investor and realtor Dan Rochon about the three keys to driving results in your business, team, and life. Dan Rochon is the Head Coach and Visionary at the Greetings Virginia Sales Network. He is also the author of Real Estate Evolution:
NNA 91 | Distressed Notes
  Are you excited for more of the Top 40 markets for distressed notes? Host Scott Carson breaks down the second half of the list. Listen to this episode as Scott explains how foreclosures, unemployment rates, and vacancy rates present opportunities for you to invest. The key is to spend time looking at each city. For example, Alabama has emergency rental assistance programs that can give you payments for your rents or your mortgages. If
NCS 672 | Getting Started
  These days, there is an overwhelming amount of media and information that may confuse a lot of new investors just getting started. In this episode, Scott Carson makes it easy for you as he breaks down just three key things you should be doing as a real estate investor just starting out. It’s all about how you market. Get the tips and tools you need to grow your network and your portfolio by tuning
NCS 671 | Marketing Wrong
  Are you marketing wrong? You’ll know you’re marketing wrong when you’re selling to earn the buck, rather than selling to give customers solutions. In this episode, Scott Carson’s guest is Randy Dickinson, a Marketing Automation Expert and the Founder of Dickinson Marketing Services. Randy talks with Scott about how being successful is not about you. It’s about getting to the point where you can help others. When you do marketing from this position, your
NNA 90 | Top 40 Markets
  What’s your game plan for 2021? In this episode, Scott Carson breaks down a list of the first half of the top 40 markets for distressed note deals in 2021 and beyond. He ranks these markets by his own ranking system by a variety of elements, including percentage of 30-89 day lates, 90+ day lates, % of vacant homes, unemployment rate, number of foreclosures (pre-covid), median income, median home price, home affordability, and available
NCS 670 | Captain Of Yourself
  Being the best version of yourself can be quite a selfish thing. But sometimes, in order to be the captain, you have to look after your own personal growth. If you are growing, then your business will follow suit. On this episode of the Note Closers Show Podcast, Scott Carson interviews real estate investor and realtor Jason Martin. Jason goes in-depth on his new best-selling book, This is Your Captain Speaking. Discover his journey
NCS 669 | Short Sales Deals
  Despite being an industry focused on properties and paperwork, success in real estate favors those with a creative mind and a passionate heart. Having both of these characteristics, Dwan Bent-Twyford made it big in rehabbing and now transitions to subject to and short sales deals. Scott Carson sits down with America’s Most Sought-After Investor and the host of The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever to discuss these kinds of deals (past and present)
NNA 89 | Foreclosure List
  Join your host Scott Carson as he breaks down the upcoming Harris County (Houston, TX) foreclosure list for April 2021 (Courtesy of Listen as Scott shows you how to identify banks with potential note deals, private investors to target for funding, smaller investors for REO’s, and self-directed IRA investors foreclosing on their investments. Scott also breaks down how to contact them and what to say. He also shares how to use the list
NCS 668 | Commercial Real Estate
  Nothing is impossible if you want to grow and succeed. You can take action now. Join your host Scott Carson as he talks with commercial real estate investor Sam Wilson from the Bricken Investment Group on how Sam went from residential to commercial real estate investing, systematized, and scaled his business. Sam is an active investor in self-storage, parking, multi-family apartments, RV parks, and single-family homes. Tune in to learn the different aspects you

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