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The Note Closers Show Podcast covers everything you don’t know about real estate investing today. Scott Carson, CEO of We Close Notes, interviews experts in the note investing field, including vendors he works with, and students he has trained. Prepare to be educated and entertained on the secrets of how you can control millions of dollars worth of property for pennies on the dollar, through investing in distressed real estate notes. Scott and his students have each closed thousands of deals, all over the United States. Listen each week to stay on top of the latest developments in note investing, how to get to the right people, avoid the wrong people, get the inside track on buying from the banks, find the notes you are looking for, negotiate the best price, and make the high returns you deserve. You don’t even need to use your own money!




Episode Blogs

NNA 90 | Top 40 Markets
  What’s your game plan for 2021? In this episode, Scott Carson breaks down a list of the first half of the top 40 markets for distressed note deals in 2021 and beyond. He ranks these markets by his own ranking system by a variety of elements, including percentage of 30-89 day lates, 90+ day lates, % of vacant homes, unemployment rate, number of foreclosures (pre-covid), median income, median home price, home affordability, and available
NCS 670 | Captain Of Yourself
  Being the best version of yourself can be quite a selfish thing. But sometimes, in order to be the captain, you have to look after your own personal growth. If you are growing, then your business will follow suit. On this episode of the Note Closers Show Podcast, Scott Carson interviews real estate investor and realtor Jason Martin. Jason goes in-depth on his new best-selling book, This is Your Captain Speaking. Discover his journey
NCS 669 | Short Sales Deals
  Despite being an industry focused on properties and paperwork, success in real estate favors those with a creative mind and a passionate heart. Having both of these characteristics, Dwan Bent-Twyford made it big in rehabbing and now transitions to subject to and short sales deals. Scott Carson sits down with America’s Most Sought-After Investor and the host of The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever to discuss these kinds of deals (past and present)
NNA 89 | Foreclosure List
  Join your host Scott Carson as he breaks down the upcoming Harris County (Houston, TX) foreclosure list for April 2021 (Courtesy of Listen as Scott shows you how to identify banks with potential note deals, private investors to target for funding, smaller investors for REO’s, and self-directed IRA investors foreclosing on their investments. Scott also breaks down how to contact them and what to say. He also shares how to use the list
NCS 668 | Commercial Real Estate
  Nothing is impossible if you want to grow and succeed. You can take action now. Join your host Scott Carson as he talks with commercial real estate investor Sam Wilson from the Bricken Investment Group on how Sam went from residential to commercial real estate investing, systematized, and scaled his business. Sam is an active investor in self-storage, parking, multi-family apartments, RV parks, and single-family homes. Tune in to learn the different aspects you
NCS 667 | Mobile Home Park
  While mobile home parks often get a bad reputation, the truth is, they can be very profitable real estate investments. Although there are many challenges, with the right mindset and dedication, a mobile home park can be a prime source of cash flow. In this episode, Scott Carson sits down to talk with the co-founder, Investor Relations at Titan Impact Group LLC, and a mobile home park investor, Steve Wahl. Steve discusses how he
  Community is critical to human nature. Most of us don’t even interact with our neighbors anymore because of all our riches. What more the homeless population. Not all panhandlers are pillagers and plunderers. Most of them just want a community, and that is what Alan Graham did. Alan is the founder of Mobile Loaves & Fishes, an organization that supports and is of service to the homeless. Scott Carson brings Alan to discuss what
NNA 88 | Finding Note Deals
  The best way to start reviewing note deals is by jumping on and to review performing and nonperforming notes. In this episode, Scott Carson gives practical advice on how you can find your first note deal on note sale platforms. Tune in and learn how you can identify a quick deal, perform quick evaluations (depending on your money costs), and why it doesn’t hurt to submit bids and ask questions. Plus, you’ll
  Marketing may seem so simple to think about, but that is not the case in the real world where people are bombarded with so many products anywhere. In this episode, Scott Carson interviews the CEO of MountainTop Data and host of The “If You Market” Podcast, Sky Cassidy. Together, they discuss marketing trends, the need to be creative, and why you have to continue marketing to attract clients. Sky shares how it doesn’t matter how
NCS 663 | Credit Repair
  What most people think of credit repair is simply writing a bunch of letters and sending them to credit bureaus. They get overwhelmed with letters, and since they can’t keep up with the law, they delete them. Scott Carson’s guest today is credit repair, investor, and funding expert, Rondi Lambeth. In this episode, Rondi gives you a heads-up about the falsehoods of credit repair you should know. He also gives you a run-down of
NCCS 662 | Texas Foreclosure Auction
  If you’re looking to buy foreclosure homes in Texas, Jack Zagunis from joins Scott Carson to explain about foreclosure auction and what buyers need to understand about these listings. Jack has 11 years of sales and marketing experience that will help when making a decision in selling houses. He tells Scott about the effect of the pandemic in the industry, what the future looks like, and how his company can help those who
NNA 87 Nicholas Gerli | Best And Worst Markets
  Do you want to identify which are the best and worst markets to buy and invest in 2021? In this episode of Note Night in America, Scott Carson talks with Nicholas Gerli, the CEO of Reventure Consulting where he helps investors of all sizes identify their opportunities. From Austin to Atlanta, join the conversation on where you should be putting your money. With COVID-19 still present in the world, investing in the right markets can get

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