EP 587 – The Secret Knock To Overcoming Obstacles, Discovering Opportunities And Finding Success With Dr. Greg Reid

NCS 587 | Secret Knock

  Is there a secret formula to finding success? How does it work, and does it work for you? Scott Carson talks with American filmmaker, motivational keynote speaker, and best-selling author, Dr. Greg Reid, who spills his secret knock to overcoming obstacles, discovering opportunities, and finding success. With decades of success in business, filmmaking, and authoring books, Greg sees the world as a place of unlimited opportunity, even during times of apparent hopelessness. His positive energy … Read More

EP NC 08 – Play Big And Take Action with Sharon Lechter

NC 08 | Play Big

Many speakers tell the stories of successful people during their tough times. But it is also worth noting what brought these tough times to them is where a lot of learning happened. Every adversity generates a seed of equal or greater opportunity, and Sharon Lechter is a good example of this philosophy in life where she developed the Success Equation. This is part of her Play Big Movement, which helps businesses get to the next … Read More

EP NC 01 – What Is Note CAMP?

NC 01 | Note Camp

Many people may wonder what Note CAMP is. The best way to describe it is what it isn’t. First of all, it isn’t a pitch fest. Also, it isn’t solely focused on Scott Carson or We Close Notes. Note CAMP is focused on forming principles, content, actions, marketing, and profit-generating nuggets for those that attend the camp. A great line up is coming up as keynote speakers who are subject matter experts in their own … Read More

Ep 168 – Note CAMP Preview

NCS 168 | Note CAMP

Scott breaks down exactly what the Note CAMP Convention is and why it is different from other note expos. He also goes into talking about the list of speakers who will be attending and what you can expect from the largest online note event of its type. Listen to the podcast here: Note CAMP Preview   We have a lot of the great stuff happening here. We’re working for another 200 assets that we’re breaking … Read More